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Contents Introduction What is health and safety at work? Your responsibilities as an employer Choosing what health and safety equipment your business needs Fire extinguishers First Aid Health & Safety Literature PPE Hygiene Further information     Introduction Getting your head around the health and safety requirements in your business needn’t be an arduous task. >> Read the full post >>

Contents Introduction Considerations for buying cleaning equipment How do you want to clean your floor? Choosing a commercial vacuum cleaner Choosing the right mop Trolleys and carousels Best practice strategies for buying commercial cleaning equipment Further information     Introduction Commercial grade cleaning and hygiene requires specialist equipment and chemicals. There are many considerations to >> Read the full post >>

When it comes to making sales, technology is your best friend. From demonstrating products to highlighting figures and displaying charts, the salesperson loves their high-tech tools. Step into any presentation across the UK and you’re bound to witness a snazzy PowerPoint presentation clearly highlighting all the amazing features of the product on offer. But is >> Read the full post >>

You’ve probably been there; you’re trying to diet or at least cut down on your sugar, but you arrive at the office to find a massive tray of muffins, or a cake for someone’s birthday, new baby or leaving do. You want to avoid it, but social pressure kicks in – what if it looks >> Read the full post >>

In a report issued by the ONS (Office for National Statistic) on 9th March 2017, it was noted that an incredible 137 million working days were lost last year (2016) because of sickness and injury – and that is the figure for just the UK alone!  This works out to approximately 4.3 days per person. >> Read the full post >>

In terms of interior design, the workplace has become a bit of a battlefield in recent years. Since the 90s, the trend towards open plan offices was a reaction to the “chicken farm” cubicles that had come to represent the modern office space since the 1950s. However, in recent years, even that trend has been >> Read the full post >>

It has been highlighted that UK workers are paying a high price for their sedentary occupations. A huge number (23 million) of working days are lost each year due to musculoskeletal problems and this adds up to a massive £100 billion loss to the economy. The situation requires urgent action. The only way to tackle >> Read the full post >>

You might not realise this, but the office furniture you supply your staff with could be harmful to their health and safety. As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure that you take all appropriate action to keep your staff from coming to harm during the course of their work. In the >> Read the full post >>

In association with Channel 5, the Telegraph recently released the results of a survey into happiness and stress levels. Those results yielded some interesting data around the link between happiness and wealth. Not only that, the responses gave an eye-opening look into which jobs are most likely to cause stress – and the results are >> Read the full post >>