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Finding the right desk for your particular type of work is such an asset. Whether you are a designer, a writer, an accountant or even just a committed gamer, you probably spend a lot of your time at your desk. Choosing the right one is essential – you need to consider how much space you >> Read the full post >>

Choosing the right desk is one of the most important decisions you can make. You spend so much time at work that you need to make certain you are comfortable and organised enough to the job well. A poorly-designed desk can cause pain and discomfort and lead to you becoming easily distracted from your work. >> Read the full post >>

Fatigue is the enemy of office productivity. A fatigued worker lacks motivation and makes more errors. They are also less likely to be innovative and contribute fewer ideas on improving your business and taking your service forward. The good news is that you can minimise fatigue by ordering next day Kudos Office Desks and setting >> Read the full post >>

There are conflicting opinions about what an organised desk says about you! Some experts claim that an organised desk is a sign of intelligence whilst others argue that a cluttered desk is the sign of creativity. It may simply be a sign of how old your desk is! If you have just taken delivery of >> Read the full post >>

We read lot about back pain caused by poor posture at work. However, for many office workers, wrist pain is a huge issue. The nature of working at a modern PC requires multiple and repeated small movements. This can, over time, cause inflammation and damage which can cause pain. You may see this referred to >> Read the full post >>