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You may have noticed that many of our lockers, including Sixto lockers, mention the inclusion of something called BioCote. If you’ve never come across this protective product, you may be wondering what exactly it is and why you would need it on your lockers. Here’s what you need to know about BioCote and why it’s >> Read the full post >>

Cycling to work can make employees healthier, wealthier and happier too. There’s reams of research on the benefits of regular cycling, and as an employer it can help you cut your carbon emissions too. However, knowing the benefits of cycling and actually getting people to do it are two very different things. Here are some >> Read the full post >>

Items such as our Stronghold lockers are endlessly popular with educational establishments such as schools and colleges, thanks to their bold, bright colours and heavy duty strength and security. However, some schools have chosen not to provide lockers for pupils, as they believe they are not a good idea. We’ve taken a look at some >> Read the full post >>

Buying or replacing lockers for your business can be an expensive project. As always, measuring up quality against price has to come into it, but buying the cheapest could be a false economy. Cheap products often mean replacement is required sooner, or that they are just not up to the task at hand, and it’s >> Read the full post >>

If you’ve never used plastic lockers before, you might be dubious about their functionality. Are they really as waterproof as the manufacturers claim, and can they be as secure as a traditional metal locker? Let’s find out. Can you use UltraBox plastic lockers outside? You certainly can! UltraBox plastic lockers are completely waterproof, so thy >> Read the full post >>

It’s all too easy to think that most employees are simply in it for the money, but in reality, they get a lot more out of their job than that. The majority of workers value appreciation, recognition and encouragement just as much as they value payday. It may well be the salary that attracts them >> Read the full post >>

Having lockers at work is a great way to keep the most important things to you, and your staff, safe and secure. However, when you don’t ensure they are managed well, lockers could become something of a liability. From high tech, high security lockers to basic, economy lockers, if you want them to protect your >> Read the full post >>

Hygiene at work is so important, whether you work in a sensitive environment or not. In food preparation and healthcare, hygiene is always on the mind of the employees, but what if you work in an office or warehouse? Although you’re not handling food or dealing with sick people, doesn’t it still make sense to >> Read the full post >>

Reducing carbon emissions and becoming a ‘greener’ business is high on the agenda of many UK companies. From small and medium enterprises to large corporations, being more environmentally friendly has proven to benefit your brand, as well as improving the health of your workforce. Encouraging cycling to work is a quick win, but not always >> Read the full post >>