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Office design trends come and go like any other fashion, but some top trends are likely to last more than others. Office interior design trends are often driven as much by new business cultures and HR practices as they are by more general fashion and style fads, which means there are some office trends worth >> Read the full post >>

You’ve probably heard of ergonomics. You might even know what it is. Yet you might not be convinced of the business case for ensuring good ergonomic furniture is provided for staff. Shelling out on new furniture often seems like a luxury and yet it has been proven that ergonomic furniture could actually improve your bottom >> Read the full post >>

Did you know that the design of the office you work in can actually affect your productivity in a variety of positive and negative ways? Peldon Rose, a very successful office refurb and design agency based in London, carried out a wide-ranging survey of workplaces in the capital to see how different factors in the >> Read the full post >>

Office designs trends don’t work quite the same way as general fashion trends. While fashion comes and goes with seasons, office interior trends are longer-lasting and often emerge from detailed study of office environments, new developments in materials and different workplace focus. Whereas fashion is solely about style, office design often puts ergonomics and productivity >> Read the full post >>