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Making the workplace safe for employees is not only good for business, it’s a legal requirement too. Safety at work can include training, supervision, equipment maintenance and hazard management, and in some situations a certain amount of PPE, or personal protective equipment, may be necessary. PPE should be a last resort for employers, as the >> Read the full post >>

Here in the UK, we lose around 137 million working days every year due to illness or injury. Per person, that’s not a lot, at just four or five days per worker, but it all has an impact on the productivity of our businesses. Minor illnesses such as colds and colds are usually the most >> Read the full post >>

Work related injuries and illnesses account for around 30 million lost workdays every year in the UK. Keeping your employees safe and healthy is about more than just complying with the law; it makes business sense too. Here are some key essentials for your workers health and safety that you should be considering: Provide the >> Read the full post >>

If your business is involved in manufacturing, your workshop is the heart and soul of your company. This is where the magic happens, where profit is made or lost, and where your most important people spend the majority of their time. Providing the right equipment and facilities for your workers is not only conducive to >> Read the full post >>

A good working knowledge of health and safety is essential when you’re responsible for other people in the workplace. Whether you’re an employer, a line manager or a member of staff, the whole team should be up to scratch on health and safety guidance, but how much do you really know. Take our fun quiz >> Read the full post >>