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Posts tagged ‘educational furniture’

As a teacher, instilling a sense of responsibility in the children we work with is just as important a part of our job as any element of the current curriculum. Not only will it create more rounded individuals who are ready for life outside the classroom, it can also make our job much easier when >> Read the full post >>

With a quarter of our primary aged children now either overweight or obese, the question of how to get this generation more active is on the lips of every teacher and classroom assistant across the UK. The government recommends an hour a day of fairly intense exercise but trying to fit this into a school >> Read the full post >>

Setting up a training room for a group of adults is a little different to arranging a classroom for kids. Just as some education furniture will be useful in such a room, you also don’t want your delegates to feel like they are back in school. These are, after all, a group of adults, who >> Read the full post >>