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Mess means trouble, so get to grips with your office storage solutions right now!

An organised office runs efficiently and employees are more productive. A disorganised office is chaotic, inefficient and workers find it difficult to get the job done properly, leading to frustration. Getting your office organisation under control is dependent upon one thing over all others: the right storage solutions.

If you’re considering an overhaul of your office organisational systems and you’re considering new storage solutions, read through some of our ingenious ideas before you make any decisions.

Ingenious office storage ideas

Use wall space

You might be surprised to learn that by far your largest business outgoing is your real estate, the premises you work from. That being the case, are you making the most of your space?

Many of try to cram storage solutions into the available floorspace meaning that our once luxurious and spacious work floor soon becomes a warren of passages and obstacles to manoeuvre around.

Why not build up, instead of across? Make use of wall-mounted cupboards and bookshelves and get your storage off the floor, leaving plenty of floorspace and preventing employees from having to bend constantly to reach items.

Group by activity

Consider setting up storage pods in appropriate areas. Instead of having one central storage cupboard at the other end of the work floor, group storage by activity.

Set up specific storage beside your printers or photocopiers that contain all the essential consumables like toner and paper. Go one further by setting up your postage station next to that. Create a storage station next to your projector screen containing all the AV equipment that’s needed for presentations.

By carefully grouping everything by activity, you can store less items in discrete locations and prevent the disorganisation that comes with shoving everything into a massive cupboard.

Get on the cloud

Going paper-free is the dream and while it might prove difficult to commit to this completely, the sooner you start using the cloud, the sooner you can reduce the amount of paperwork you need to physically store.

Create a shared network with individual folders and get into the habit of recording and scanning every document that comes into the office. Shred the paper versions of these documents (unless you are required to hold onto the original) and have the shredding waste bins regularly collected.

Less paper means less need for storage, leaving you room for everything else.

Off-site storage

If you are required by law or your own policies to hold certain documents in paper form, make sure you archive properly. Use off-site record retention companies to archive documents in a way that is easy to retrieve when needed and get your paperwork off the premises.

Most record retention companies offer a service where the will scan items and make digital versions available to you should you need to check things once they’ve been archived.

Mobile storage

We tend to store items in fixed, central places, but that might not be the most efficient way to use storage. It can result in people removing stored items from cupboards and “storing” them on or in their desks instead, to save them time.

Instead, you could opt for smaller, mobile storage solutions that can be wheeled out when needed and moved back out of the way when no longer in use. Everything stays organised, employees’ desks are clear and everything is to hand, resulting in an efficient and organised office.

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