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walking after sitting at office desk

How much do you sit? You could need to walk a whole lot further thank you think to undo the damage.

There’s no getting around this – we’ve known for a long time now that sitting at your desk at work is bad for your health. Poor ergonomics can lead to musculoskeletal pain among other things, while just sitting for hours has been linked to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Now, a new study gives us some concrete numbers that prove just how bad sitting for long periods can be.

Comparing desk based postal workers with their mobile delivery colleagues, they found that the sedentary workers had put on an average of 3cm on their waistlines and one whole unit of difference in BMI (body mass index).

They had a demonstrably higher risk of cardiovascular disease too. The seated workers had a 2.2% risk compared to 1.6% in their colleagues.

We’ve long been told that we should walk an average of 10,000 steps per day to remain fit. That’s out the window for sedentary workers – to combat the risks of long periods of sitting, you’d need to up that to 15,000 steps, or seven miles, every day.

Surely there’s something else we can do to prevent this? Read on for some small changes you can make to your working life to ensure that you minimise the risk of health issues.

Small changes to your working life can go a long way

Walk more

This is the most obvious and possibly the easiest thing to change. While you might not want to jump straight to 7 miles a day, swapping the elevators/escalators for the stairs is a small change that can immediately make a difference.

If you take public transport, get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.

Count your steps

Counting your daily steps with a pedometer is easier than ever. Most smartphones have built-in pedometer functions so download your favourite app and start counting it out.

Smartphone apps aren’t always the most accurate, though – so instead opt for a wrist-mounted step counter that has a bunch of extra features to keep you literally on your toes. Make it a goal – set a daily goal and aim to beat it.

Walk and talk

Here’s an incredibly simple tip: if you’re using your mobile at work, get up from your desk and walk around when you’re talking. It’ll get you moving, and you might find you have more clarity of thought when you’re away from your desk.

Standing desks

Standing desks have become really popular in recent years because they help you to burn calories while you’re at your desk.

While going for a fully standing desk isn’t appropriate or desirable for many people, an alternative is the sit-stand desk or height-adjustable desks. These allow you to work in your usual position when you have to, but raise the desk when you feel like an energy boost.

Mokka Office Desks can help you to overcome aches and pains

If the problem you’re experiencing is connected to your desk’s ergonomics, it might be time for an upgrade. Mokka Office Desks are designed to the highest modern standards so you’ll be comfortable sitting for longer periods.

Mokka Office Desks are also stunning, coming in three warm wood finishes. Choose from matching storage solutions like drawer pedestals, bookcases and cupboards to make your office more efficient and less cluttered.

You can view the full range here and if you’d like some help choosing the right combination, talk to our friendly sales advice team.

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