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Great staff and great reception furniture can go a long way towards creating an amazing first impression.

You know what they say, that first impressions count? Well, where else do you make a first impression in business than in your reception area?

The perception of your reception is often the first in-person contact anyone has with your business. Whether they are a supplier, a client, an interviewee or someone else, the last thing you want before you’ve even had a chance to speak to them is for them to form a negative opinion of your company.

A great reception area should reflect the values and ethics of your business. Whether you want to come across as cutting edge, a trend setter, a trusted brand or a serious professional company, its down to you to create this atmosphere in the first place your visitors arrive. From reception furniture to décor and lighting, here’s how to create a better first impression of your business.

Make use of technology

The modern world is all about tech, so having it to tell part of your story in your reception makes perfect sense. Think about using a digital display, giving a short visual presentation of your company and some of your biggest achievements. Instead of forms and papers, get guests to register on tablet computers instead. This way, you not only look professional and cutting edge, you can also instantly capture their details for your database, mailing list and promotions, saving your administrators time too.

Care about your visitors

Showing your visitors that you truly care about them is easy. For a start, ditch the five-year-old copies of Hello! and replace them with up to date subscriptions to magazines that are actually related to your business. Use stylish organisers to keep them from getting tatty, and make it your receptionists job to replenish stock on a regular basis. Provide refreshments for people waiting in reception too. At the very least have a water cooler there, or preferably a free to use coffee and tea machine.

Choose brand focussed reception furniture

You want your guests to be comfortable, but as they won’t be in this area for very long, ergonomics are less important here than style. This means you can really have some fun when shopping for reception furniture, choosing styles, colours and materials that are in-keeping with your brand and vision. Choose furniture which will be easy to maintain and keep clean though, as high traffic areas like this are prone to becoming grubby if they are not well cared for.

Invest in great staff

A prickly receptionist is no good for your image, so invest in training and development for your reception staff to allow them to present themselves warmly and professionally. Get them to use people’s names, to make eye contact and to smile warmly, even when dealing with a difficult person. Offer ‘freebies’ such as mints, product samples or facial wipes to help welcome your customers to your premises.

Check out our own range of gorgeous reception furniture, ready to help you wow every visitor into a stylish, brand focussed environment. Talk to our team for more advice on buying excellent reception furniture, and make sure the first impression of your business is the right one.

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