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What do your staff need from their break room?

If you’re making over your company staff room, or perhaps moving into a new office, creating a welcoming, relaxing break room can make all the difference to the morale and motivation of your team. Here are some essentials to think about when setting up a staff rom to ensure you get it right.

How can they relax?

Break rooms are for breaks, so make sure it’s a room that feels like a break from work. Try to avoid placing it where the noise, chatter and ringing phones from the office can be heard, and make sure you have plenty of comfortable seating available, so they can really take a few minutes to themselves.

What will they do?

Think about how you’d like your staff to spend their lunch break. With nothing much else to do, they will probably spend their time browsing their phone or simply staring into space as they eat their sandwich. Why not buck the trend and draw them away from their screens with board games, books and magazines (and no, we don’t mean industry journals!).

Where will they keep their effects?

Supplying places to store their personal belongings can help keep the office free from clutter as well as ensuring valuables are securely stored. Think about Bisley lockers as a solution for this, and make sure you supply a fridge as well so that lunches don’t get warm and soggy.

What will they drink?

Supplying good quality tea and coffee, either via a free vending machine or a make your own facility, is a small snip out of the company budget which will be well appreciated by your workers. Nobody wants to feel like they’re not worth a few cups of coffee, so make sure your staff room has complementary refreshments to keep your team motivated.

Who will clean up?

There’s nothing worse than having a washing up rota or being nagged that it’s your turn to vacuum. Do away with all these workplace gripes by investing in a good dishwasher and making sure the break room is on the circuit for your regular cleaners. That’s not to say staff shouldn’t take responsibility for their mess, but they have better things to do at the end of lunch than spend half an hour washing dirty cups.

What else will the room be used for?

Having a multifunctional staff room can be a fantastic additional space for your company to make use of when necessary. It could be used for small meetings, customer consultancies, parties and more. Investing in modular furniture and a flexible layout can make your break room a more useful space for all sorts of activities, so think carefully about your plans.

If you’re ready to take the next step in setting up your staff room, Equip4Work has all the furniture and equipment you could need. Our team are experts in furnishing workplace premises, so if you need any advice on anything, from comfortable seating to Bisley lockers, simply call us and we’ll be happy to help.

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