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Don’t be overwhelmed by your office move! New office furniture is just a click away.

If your business has grown enough that you need to move to bigger and better premises you’re in for an exciting and possible stressful time. There are a lot of factors to consider; what you’re taking with you, what you’re disposing of and, crucially, what you’ll need buy.

With some forward planning, though, you can take a lot of the stress out of a move. Consider our 6 key purchases you should make when moving to a larger office and you’re off to a great start.

6 key purchases for your new office


One of the most important purchases you make in a modern office is going to be your telecoms suite and broadband. While many companies will still use cable (and that’s included here too), it’s important to consider wireless access.

It allows workers to be more mobile, let’s you connect up printers and photocopiers easily and reduces endless cabling. A modern telecoms suite will let you get up and running after the move with no delay, but due to the times for installation and testing, you should arrange this immediately.

Kitchen/canteen facilities

Having a working canteen or kitchen will mean dealing with plumbing. You might have chosen premises that are already prepared for this, but if not, get the plumbing sorted early. You’ll also need appliances; usually a fridge and microwave are sufficient.


Whether it’s printer consumables like toner and paper, or cleaning products, paper towels and toilet rolls, this section is about all those daily-use items you regularly replace. When you’re moving office, it’s a good idea to stock up on fairly significant numbers of each of these items that you can store.

While you’re moving furniture and equipment and people are getting settled, not having to do regular replenishment is just one easy way to reduce the stress.


Similarly, stocking up on new stationery gives you an advantage. You may decide to order branded stationery items that reflect the new office, or just stick with unbranded tried-and-tested products but either way, make sure you have plenty of stock of the essentials so that you won’t need to order anything for at least a month.

IT equipment

PCs, laptops, routers, printers, scanners, server farms; there’s a tonne of IT equipment that’s essential to the modern office, and you should be a comprehensive plan in place for this before you even start the move. Take what you can from the old premises, but be aware that if you’re moving to a larger office, you will need new IT equipment to accommodate that growth.

Get this as early as possible; installing IT equipment, network and phone trunk lines and making sure everything works should all be done before any employees move into the new office. It will reduce frustration and, if used in tandem with a phased move, will ensure your business is continuously running through the move.


A larger office requires new furniture. However, if you’re intending to add pieces to your existing furniture suite, make sure they match. Now is not the time for an eclectic assortment of desks and chairs; instead, you want a cohesive furniture set that will match your new décor and the feel of the new premises.

It might be better opting for an entirely new range, chosen for purpose and designed ergonomically, with comfort, health and safety in mind. Furniture is one area where you don’t want to skimp on cost as it’s an investment in the future; that said, you can purchase beautiful, modern furniture at prices that won’t break the bank.

The perfect office furniture ranges for your new office

At Equip4Work, we carry a massive selection of office furniture ranges. Whether you’re looking for classic wooden finishes or fresh, modern styles, we’ve got something to suit every office design and décor.

Many of ranges include the full works; desks, chairs, cupboards and other storage add-ons. This means you can choose a range that suits your needs and kit out the entire office. If you’d like to see what we have available, you can look at our full range here. If you need some help choosing the perfect office furniture ranges, talk to our Sales Advice Team who would be happy to help.

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