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Many of us battle with small office spaces. Whether you’re running your own start-up, working from home or working in a small space in a larger office, having a small office can be suffocating, and could even affect your productivity. Thankfully, there are some great tricks of the trade which can help your office to feel bigger, helping you make the most of the space you’ve got to get more from your workspace.

5 Tips to Make Your Office Feel Bigger

  1. Lighten Up

Light spaces tend to look and feel bigger than darker ones. Whilst darker walls and furnishings may have a more warming feel, lighter colours reflect the light, lifting the space to make it seem bigger. Painting your office walls white, investing in some lighter coloured furniture (including our Solar office desks) and adding some mirrors can help change your perceptions of your space, which is particularly important in offices that don’t have much natural light coming in.

  1. Keep it tidy

A messy work space can make your office look smaller, especially if you have a habit of piling things up on the floor and so on. A clutter-free office looks neater and more spacious, so a little bit of organisation could be all you need to make it look bigger. Invest in some filing cabinets, drawers or Solar office desks which have built in storage for keeping that paperwork hidden away.

  1. Keep it minimal

Ask yourself “Do I even need all of this stuff here?” – with many of us working mainly digitally, do we have a need for paper at all? If not, you may not need that filing cabinet or cupboard that’s taking up precious space. You may not even need a full computer system – some people work quite happily from a laptop. If your computer equipment is quite dated, why not invest in newer sleeker models which tend to be smaller and less imposing such as wireless keyboard and flatscreen monitors – changing these things alone could help your office feel bigger.

  1. Get rid of wires

Having lots of wires around is not only a trip hazard, but it looks unsightly too! A wire-free office will have a cleaner look and feel and probably help you get rid of some equipment you probably weren’t using. Obviously you’ll still need some wires, but a wireless keyboard and mouse, or even clever those clever holes in the corner of your Solar office desks can help to give the illusion of a wireless office for a more modern, spacious feel.

  1. Make the most of hidden spaces

Using your storage areas cleverly can help you free up space in your office. Moving items to shelves instead of having floor storage units is one easy way to free up some space. Some chairs, sofas and tables have storage built in, so why not switch your furniture up and add some new pieces with built in storage?

Why choose Solar office desks?

Solar office desks have smooth, sleek styling which makes them perfect for making an office look bigger. Their clean styles aren’t heavy or imposing, and many styles feature built in storage to maximise your space further. Choosing the right desk Is very important for creating the illusion of space, and the added leg room that comes with this desk type is perfect for just that.

Making small changes to your office can help you make the most of the space you have, as well as give you an excuse for a big clear out. Follow these tips for creating a more spacious office and give yourself some breathing space.

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