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If your boardroom is so boring it’s sending people to sleep, read our tips on how to make it better!

The boardroom is the heart and soul of your business. It’s where you hire and fire, where deals are made or broken, and where your most important meetings take place. All too many businesses overlook the design of their boardroom, opting for very run of the mill boardroom furniture and not enough attention to detail.

Making your boardroom less boring doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. It’s the little touches that will make a big difference, and will ensure your hard work on your presentation, meeting prep or sales pitch is well received. Create a boardroom that is truly a reflection of your business and values, and which encourages lively interaction instead of a power nap.

Add some colour

Boardrooms are so often dominated by dark colours and greyscale pallets. Why not inject some colour to make things more interesting and to liven up every meeting? Paint is your friend, but painting all of the walls can make the room too oppressive, so instead go for a feature wall in a colour that you feel represents your brand well. Introduce colour through art on the walls, or by using coloured place mats or table runners too.

Inspire your visitors

Do you have a company motto, ethic or mantra? Most businesses will have an aim or phrase which they feel represents what they are trying to do, but how many people actually know what it is? Instead of leaving it squirreled away in your new starters folder, get it printed on vinyl and pop it up on the boardroom wall, ready to inspire anyone who walks in.

Make everyone comfortable

All too often, our boardroom furniture gets overlooked in favour of other areas of the office. Investing a little to make your boardroom more comfortable and conducive to positive discussions is a great first step in creating a better space. Look for office chairs with padding to make bottoms comfortable, along with arm rests and adequate back support. Give some thought to the temperature of the room too, and if possible, have an individual room thermostat and control so you can effectively maintain a comfortable level of heat and cooling, depending on how many people are in the room.

Add some living plants

Boardrooms can become stuffy if there is a big meeting going on. One way to make it feel fresher is by having a few living plants in the room, re-oxygenating the air. Plants also remove some of the pollutants and chemicals from our environment, so if you’re using technology such as projectors which kick out dust and particulates, plants can act as a natural filter to make the environment more pleasant.

If you think your boardroom could do with a good refresh, check out our range of boardroom furniture. From beautiful boardroom tables to comfortable seating and more, Equip4Work can help you create a less boring boardroom at a price you can afford.

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