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marketing books for office bookcases

These are the marketing books you need on your office bookcases this season.

In the cutthroat world of marketing, it’s crucial to stay on the pulse of new things and new ideas. For this reason, many marketing businesses already have bulging bookcases filled with insightful literature to help them stay ahead of the game. Here, we look at five new books which should be high on your reading list if you’re in the business of marketing, or of marketing your business.

1.      Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi

Usually, we have a product or service and then work hard to market it to our audience. However, Joe Pulizzi has turned that all on its head in his new book, Content Inc. Instead of making a product first and then trying to sell it, he says it’s actually more effective to build an audience, get them engaged through creative content and then to develop a product that meets their specific needs. Makes sense, right?

2.      Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer

Customer service is at the core of any successful business. Get it right, and you’ll be building loyalty and trust with an ever-expanding audience. But get it wrong, and you’ll be stuck dealing with too many haters. Baer’s new marketing book describes what you should and shouldn’t be doing to love your customer, and how modern customer services are so much more than just phone calls and emails.

3.      Top of Mind by John Hall

John Hill is one of the modern marketing world’s most prolific speakers and educators, so there’s been quite a buzz in the community over his latest book, Top of Mind. Here, he offers a step by step guide to creating better relationships with customers and clients, helping you to build lasting, powerful trust with your audience. He then explains how to use content to scale up the level of trust you’ve gained, and to reach larger audiences with ease. A must for your office bookcase indeed.

4.      Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

This dynamic duo are big names in the marketing world, and their new book Hacking Growth takes its lessons from their popular website, Growth Hackers. In it, they discuss how to use agile tactics and rapid idea iteration to engage, retain and convert your customers faster than ever before. It’s the definition of the model used by numerous disruptor brands such as Pinterest, Uber and Airbnb, and deserves a place on your bookcase this year.

5.      They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

Your marketing is never going to be a success if the strategy that underpins your efforts is fatally flawed from the start. Here, Sheridan discusses what’s good and bad about a marketing strategy, and why content marketing could be doing so much more for you, for so much less investment. Learn how digital marketing fits into your brand and goals, and see just how much better your ROI could be when you stop pouring investment into traditional advertising methods.

We truly think these five books should be top of your reading list for 2017, and that you should keep them on your bookcases to refer back to in years to come. Need some storage for all your amazing leadership and marketing books? Check out our range of high quality, low priced office bookcases to find your perfect partner.

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