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art for office shelving

How can you choose art for office shelving or walls that really reflects your business?

Having art in the workplace can add that finishing touch to your interior décor that really gives a great first impression. But choosing art can be hard; do you go for traditional or modern? Photographic or abstract? Small prints or big? They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but in the workplace, you need to make sure it’s speaking the right ones.

Before you start looking for artwork, try to think about what you want to achieve. Are you looking to motivate your employees, to impress your visitors, or just to modernise your space? Whatever your goal, have this in the forefront of your mind before you start looking, and at each stage ask yourself whether the pieces under consideration are going to fit the bill.

·      Company and brand values

Your art should tell a story, and that story should be all about your brand. For example, a global brand may use art from each of the countries they are based in, demonstrating their worldwide reach. A community focussed business may use art produced by local artists, to show their support for the town in which they are based. Think about what you want your art to say about your company, and the first impression it’s going to give.

·      Colourful consideration

There are lots of ways to look at the colours you are choosing, and how they will impact your office. Maybe you want to create a brand centric environment, with paintings that feature similar colours to your logo. Or, perhaps you want to get into colour psychology, and use the colours that will motivate, inspire, or calm your workforce. Colour choice is particularly important if you’re looking at abstract or modern art, so think things through carefully.

·      Make a connection

Objects in paintings and wall art can be used to connect with your clients, and to lay the foundations of the dream or solution you are trying to sell them. For instance, in an investment business, images of yachts and tropical islands will inspire and motivate your clients. In a divorce lawyer’s office, images of happy families will create the right atmosphere.

·      It’s not just about paintings

Wall art is a great way to liven up your office, but interior design doesn’t have to end there. Think about pretty vases on your office shelving, small ceramic ornaments on your desk, or glass sculptures in your reception area. Mixed media can add interest to a room, and will help you develop a more cohesive overall impression, so don’t overlook art that isn’t in a frame.

·      Engage employees

If you’re an existing business with employees working for you, you could benefit from engaging your staff in the buying process. Research by the University of Exeter found that employees who have some say in the design of their workplace are happier, healthier and up to a third more productive than those who have no say. Put together a small team to help you select art for your office, and show them you trust their decision making.

Choosing art for the office doesn’t have to be an expensive process either. There’s no need to invest thousands in original paintings by well known artists; sometimes a print, lovingly framed and placed, can make all the difference to the overall atmosphere of your workplace. From small prints on your office shelving to huge pieces of wall art in reception, office art can be a highly beneficial investment for you, your staff and your clients to enjoy.

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