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office furniture for productivity

Can you improve productivity with an investment in new office furniture?

Investing in new office furniture has plenty of tangible benefits. From making your premises look better, to creating a brand focussed identity and providing useful functionality, good furniture is good news for any business.

But, did you know that an intelligent investment in office furniture could actually boost productivity too? Here are just a few of the ways an investment in your surroundings could benefit you more than you thought.

  1. More comfort = more work

Sitting comfortably is more important than you might think. Ergonomically designed office chairs and desks have been proven to improve concentration, reduce fatigue and boost productivity. Not only that, but with more comfortable work stations, the risk of developing back and muscle strain is reduced, helping to curb those ‘duvet days’ among you workforce.

  1. Exciting colours will create exciting feelings

A dull office makes for a dull team. Instead of tolerating the typical whites and blacks of your standard office surroundings, why not invest in a splash of colour here and there. Bright shades like orange, yellow and lime green will inspire creativity and positivity in your workers, whereas colours on the cooler spectrum, such as blues and greys will help people feel grounded and reduce stress.

  1. A new layout could inspire more cooperation

If, like many employers, you struggle to get your teams to cooperate effectively, why not consider rearranging your layout? Desks which encourage discussion, breakout areas and a greater mix of talents passing by each day will help your staff to gel as a team, and to make the most of the resources that are already in your business.

  1. Silence is golden

Open plan offices are the most popular design today, and for good reason. All that collaboration, chatter and bonding is a good thing. However, too much noise when someone is trying to focus on a task can be distracting. Consider installing soundproof screens or creating a ‘quiet work’ area, where people can really get their heads down and crack out their work in peace.

  1. A tidy desk is a tidy mind

Taking the time to formulate a logical, workable system of organisation can help everyone to be more efficient. Having well thought out storage to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for, as well as providing personal storage facilities, will avoid the endless search for the hole punch and the argument over the stapler.

  1. Your people are your greatest asset

You’ve probably heard this old cliché a hundred times before, but it still rings true. By investing in the comfort and aesthetics of the workplace, you’ll be demonstrating to your staff just how important they are to you. Working in a beautiful, well equipped office has been proven to boost staff retention and loyalty, both benefits you’ll be happy to have.

Buying office furniture doesn’t have to be a major expense, or a major hassle. By creating a vision for your office and replacing a few things at a time, it doesn’t have to feel like you’ve blown a huge part of your budget all at once. For more advice, talk to our team, or check out our buying guides for in depth information.

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