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Our biocote lockers have amazing antimicrobial properties…

Hygiene at work is so important, whether you work in a sensitive environment or not. In food preparation and healthcare, hygiene is always on the mind of the employees, but what if you work in an office or warehouse? Although you’re not handling food or dealing with sick people, doesn’t it still make sense to stop the spread of germs?

Every year, millions of work days are lost to the economy because of common colds, flu or stomach bugs. When you work in a close-knit environment such as an office, it can be all too easy to spread disease to one another through lack of handwashing, touching surfaces after someone else or handling things a poorly person has touched.

One way in which the spread of bacteria and germs can be reduced is by using Antimicrobial Technology, such as Biocote. Here’s how Biocote could help make your workplace a more hygienic place to be, and help your staff drive down sick days:

  1. It damages proteins

Biocote technology uses chemical and mechanical processes to actually damage the proteins of microbes. Because proteins are essential for biological systems, the bacteria will be unable to function as a result.

  1. It causes oxidative damage

The Antimicrobial Technology in Biocote increases the levels of oxygen reactive species, which damages the microbe’s internal systems. This happens through stopping the microbe from removing toxins from its cells, and disrupting its natural defence systems.

  1. It interferes with the DNA of the bug

Bactria are rarely harmful in isolation, but because they multiply so fast, they can rapidly increase to a large colony which can become harmful to health. Biocote stops the bacteria from being able to replicate by blocking parts of the DNA, meaning they stay small and non-harmful.

  1. It damages cell membranes

Bacteria and microbes landing on a Biocote surface will have their cell membrane damaged, causing nutrients to leak out and a major structural failure to the systems that keep it functioning.

  1. It can be applied anywhere

Biocote can be applied retrospectively to pretty much any surface, from door handles to desks and more. Some products are sold with an antimicrobial coating as standard, such as our Biocote lockers and other products you’ll find on our site.

Biocote can protect your workforce against bacteria, fungal infection and viruses, including the so-called superbugs MRSA and E. coli. It is also effective against viruses, including the influenza strain H1N1 and minimises growth of mould and fungal spores.

If you’re serious about protecting your workforce against the spread of germs, buying products containing Biocote is a great strategy. Talk to us about Biocote lockers and other products we have available, and stop the spread of bacteria in your workplace.

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