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left handed employees

Having a leftie on the workforce may mean you need to think a bit harder about their workspace.

You may not have given much thought to your left-handed employees, but they could make up as much as 10% of your workforce. Not everything designed, particularly office tools, is geared towards left-handers, which can make work more difficult than you’d expect. Here are some things to think about if you have a left-handed employee and what you can do to improve their workspace.

Things to consider for left-handed employees

According to research, 1 in 5 employees admit to suffering at work because they are left-handed. The key reason for this is because equipment and stationery isn’t typically designed for left-handed people, which can lead to some difficulties. Some things you can do to make office working easier for left-handed employees include:

Change their desk set-up

Most desks are designed to feature a gap for a chair on the left of the desk and drawers or workspace on the right, meaning left-handed employees are forced to use their right hand to reach over, whilst also making it difficult to find space to right. Choosing a desk which has the opposite set up, one that has drawers on both sides or one with no drawers at all can help to make it more comfortable for left-handed people to work, giving you options that will suit your right-handed or ambidextrous staff too. At Office Furniture Online, we have a number of next day Status office desks which have these features.

Make power outlets lefty-friendly

Simple things like the placement of power outlets can cause difficulty for left-handers. When power outlets are placed on the right, those who are left handed will find it difficult to use equipment, such as phones, comfortably, whilst a simple switch to the left can improve mobility and make working easier.

Get the technology right

Ask your left-handed employees if they have any needs – for example, they may prefer to use a mouse designed for left-handers, or an ergonomic keyboard to make it more comfortable to type. A keyboard on a rotating stand and other movable features will make it easier for employees to set their workstations up to suit their needs.

Bring in the right stationery

Scissors, staplers, hole punches and even notepads can cause headaches for left-handers. Typically manufactured with a right-handed design, they can make simple tasks uncomfortable. It’s easy to pick up these items with left-handed suitability, and you can also purchase special pens with grips to help make it easier to write, these could even be branded as a way to ensure uniformity within the workplace.

Benefits of Next Day Status Office Desks

Next day Status office desks are a fantastic office furniture item to bring to your workplace. With a number of designs available which are easily suited to left-handed workers, they offer comfort, style and reliability. With next day delivery as well, next day Status office desks can be with you quickly to help make any changes as seamless as possible.

Left-handed employees are entitled to the same comfortable working environment as anyone else. Asking if employees have any particular needs as part of an induction or display screen equipment assessment is a way to help them feel settled and happy, and ensure they have what they need to carry out their work effectively.

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