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Interior of a modern office cubicles

Does this look like the office of your dreams, or your nightmares?

The office is a place of increasing stress. Workers have never been asked to take on so much, as staff numbers are cut and job roles are merged, with fewer people now doing the same or more work than five years ago.

Not only that, office layouts are often outdated, rarely changing in the last 20 or 30 years. Separate team “pods,” divider screens and cubicles all suggest a workplace that is busy with activity but not with the joy of collaboration.

This leads to constant communication via email, the stress of the ever-filling inbox and a sedentary workforce suffering from multiple aches and pains.

Reduce workplace stress with a few simple changes

Thankfully, just a few simple changes can make a huge difference to your employees’ stress levels.

Does your workplace have everyone grouped into task-specific teams or separated into different rooms? It might be time to look at an open-plan layout. Some people shudder at thought, imagining row after row of cubicles, such as those often found in call centres.

However, dropping divider screens completely, bringing in bench desks and encouraging hot-desking can all contribute to a far more energetic, collaborative environment. Issuing employees with laptops that they can dock at a hotdesk means far more opportunity for new relationships and new ideas to grow.

If you’re going with the open-plan space, though, consider having multiple break-out areas that are non-specific. Encourage staff to move away from their desks and into small task-specific teams when they need a bit of privacy or just want to bounce ideas around.

Think about how your employees work

Open-plan space often buzz with excitement, so ensure you design some quiet spaces for staff to go when they need peace to concentrate on important or complex tasks or when they just need some alone time to work.

Ensure that everyone knows these are available for use – and no one will be looking over their shoulder ensuring they’re being productive. Allowing your workforce freedom to shape their day by choosing different working spaces has been shown to increase productivity dramatically.

Giving workers freedom from their desks also allows for the next logical step. If a team need to get together to work on something important but creative, perhaps they could do this at a local coffee shop instead of the office?

Changing our environment regularly stimulates our creative brains and give us an energy boost.

Simple changes, quick results

Considering these changes might just get you buzzing with ideas. Involve your staff. Ask for suggestions, table meetings and have ad-hoc feedback sessions with workers and you’ll probably find they already know the answers to the kind of environment they’d like to work in.

Combine the best suggestions with your own practical ideas and you could soon have an energetic, motivated workforce and watch those stress levels drop.

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