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aging prematurely

Sitting for too long could be causing you to age too soon…

In a recent article in The Telegraph, it was reported that new research has shown that sitting too much could result in you ageing more prematurely. This adds weight to other concerns about the adverse effect that spending too much time sitting can have on people’s health.

Because of this, forward looking employers, who acknowledge a responsibility for the health welfare of their employees, have the option of buying Elite I-frame sit-stand desks to help safe-guard staff’s well-being.

The new findings recounted by The Telegraph come from a study carried out on 1,500 pensioners. It was found that the bodies of men and women who sat for at least ten hours per day, and who took less than 40 minutes moderate exercise per day, were approximately eight years older than they were, in reality.

This premature aging is triggered by people who live a sedentary lifestyle and who, as a result, develop shorter telomeres. Telomeres are small caps that are located on the ends of DNA strands. They are designed to safeguard the health of specific chromosomes that are linked with rapid ageing. Shorter telomeres are also linked to developing cancer, diabetes and heart disease

Promoting sit-stand working with Elite I-frame sit-stand desks

Professor James Goodwin of Age UK says that if you sit for prolonged lengths of time, you ought to get up out our chair every 20 minutes or so and have a 2 or 3 minute walk-about.  According to Professor Goodwin, even if you exercise regularly, but then spend too long sitting every day, it will undermine any exercise regime you practice.

He goes on to say that this reducing sitting time could not only significantly improve your long term health, but also retard the rate at which you age. This may partly explain the growing number of businesses populating their offices with Elite I-frame sit-stand desks, to promote site-stand working.

Sit-stand working may also improve productivity

Promoting sit-stand working, using office furniture products like the Elite I-frame sit-stand desks, is not only good for workers health, it may also be advantageous from a work quality and quantity point of view.

When workers are seated for long periods, this can also have a detrimental effect on people’s brains according to a post on the website. It can make people feel more lethargic, leading to being less at alert on the job and lessening accuracy and productivity.

Employees now demanding sit-stand desks

As people are becoming more health conscious, they are also becoming more aware of things like leading a sedentary lifestyle and the damage it can do. It’s therefore not surprising that introducing things like Elite I-frame sit-stand desks is not just being done at the behest of the employers; employees too are beginning to demand them.

In response to popular demand, manufactures like Elite have introduced sit-stand desks that have electronic keypads built into them, enabling height adjustment to be carried out automatically.  Some sit-stand desks also come with electronic memories to store a number of different settings.

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