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Seven signs your office is overdue for refurbishment

Is your office a bright, happy space buzzing with innovation and motivation? Are your employees engaged and focussed on their tasks? If not, you may want to look at your office décor. It is now well recognised that we are very sensitive to our surroundings and our motivation can be significantly enhanced by a pleasant environment. Here are seven signs that your office environment may be damaging your business.

Seven signs that you need a refurb

Is your office trying to tell you something? Here are seven tell-tale signs that your office is not helping your business.

  1. Miserable office equals miserable staff. Take a good look the faces of all your employees. Are they looking happy? Are the energy levels exploding or is everyone looking fed up and depressed? The working environment has a huge impact on staff morale and this is important because low morale results in poor productivity.
  2. Technology is essential. Office technology is highly sophisticated and new advances are released every month. You have no choice but to keep up with this because your competitors certainly will! Aging and poorly maintained systems can seriously slow down work flow and frustrate employees. You need to regularly upgrade technology and the office environment should allow for this. Future-proof your office by making a technology-friendly refurb your next move.
  3. You need an office of the future not the past. Don’t let your office space become dated with claustrophobic booths and private offices. You need fresh open plan workspaces and new flexible methods of working (like hot desking) to maximise efficiency. Your office furniture must keep up to date with these developments and meet your rapidly changing needs.
  4. Make a statement. Your task is to choose what that statement should be. If your office is outdated and well-worn it will not be a very positive statement for your organisation. Choose your new office furniture with care to present a stylish, memorable and unique brand image. You want your visitors to remember you for all the right reasons.
  5. Celebrate your growth. If you started off on your own as a sole trader and you have expanded to employ many people you may be feeling a little cramped in your old office; this will not help productivity. A carefully planned refurbishment can help you to make better use of the space and ensure a happy and comfortable workspace for all with NEXT DAY Office Desks and chairs.
  6. The distressed look doesn’t work here. You may favour a distressed look for your home decor but you will find that chipped desks and ripped seat fabric detract greatly from the feel of the working environment. You owe it to yourself and your employees to throw away worn and broken office furniture and replace it with new.
  7. Mountains of paperwork need moving! Piles of papers are very off-putting for clients and workers. If you can’t get organised, you should renovate and find storage solutions that work for you.

Decided you need a refurb? Now is the time to act.

Plan your refurbishment with NEXT DAY Office Desks

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