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There are conflicting opinions about what an organised desk says about you! Some experts claim that an organised desk is a sign of intelligence whilst others argue that a cluttered desk is the sign of creativity. It may simply be a sign of how old your desk is! If you have just taken delivery of a next day Commerce II Office Desk then it may be looking shiny and organised. Give it a month or so and it may be cluttered with files, papers and empty coffee cups. However, did you know that there are some distinct advantages to keeping a tidy desk? Here are some of the main ones.

Five reasons why you should keep you next day Commerce II Office Desk tidy!

Have you just placed your next day Commerce II Office Desk in your work area and have a pile of papers and books on the floor next to it? Here are five reasons why you should sort through them before you dump them back on your desk.

  1. It sends a signal to your colleagues and clients. When your desk is tidy it shows others that they can rely on you because you have made the effort to organise the way in which you work. You come across as being trust-worthy and capable of completing tasks in an orderly way.
  2. It shows that you can prioritise. A tidy desk indicates that you have things in order and can identify, and deal with, the most pressing tasks first. When your desk is untidy is easy to lose track of what should be done and in what order. Some tasks could get completely lost under piles of papers and deadlines can be missed.
  3. It indicates that you value the environment. If there are very few papers on your desk it shows that you are working towards a paperless office. You have thought carefully about what you need to print out. This may be an important issue for potential clients and is an attitude that you will want to encourage in your work place.
  4. It will save you time. If you add up how long you spend hunting for things under piles of papers you will soon want to organise your desk. You know that the vital invoice or report you are looking for will be hiding at the bottom of the very last pile that you look in. If everything is carefully filed away, it makes locating essential documents a lot easier.
  5. It is safer for you and your colleagues. If you have piles of paper spilling off your desk and onto the floor it can create a trip hazard. You are also more likely to tip that cup of coffee over your keyboard which can put your PC or lap top out of action for days!

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