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Justifying the cost of new office furniture

Understanding the value new furniture can bring can help you to justify the cost.

Have you considered freshening up your office furniture but weren’t sure if you could justify it? Whether you’re running a new startup company or managing an established business, bottom line is everything.

However, if the office is starting to look tired and out of date, that’s probably reflecting on your brand too. Perhaps you’re moving to a new office and have considered shipping all the old furniture with you.

Alternatively, maybe you’re looking at a brand overhaul and changing up the company culture too.

Let’s look at some of the ways you might approach freshening up the office furniture and how you can justify the cost of a whole new range.

To upcycle or buy brand new? You might be surprised at the answer!

You could always repurpose or “upcycle” your old furniture. It will save you money and upcycling can be a great way to show your “green-cred” – reusing old pieces is good for the environment.

However, the time factor in getting old furniture re-sanded and/or painted might be too much for you to spare. There’s another factor to consider here too: what kind of impression does it give?

Upcycling furniture might have its benefits, but what will your clients think if they realise you’re reusing all your old pieces in your shiny new office? That might not give the impression that you’re in good financial shape.

On top of that, think about your workforce. They might not be happy to return to work to find their new working environment is, well… much the same as the old one! Sure, their chairs might not squeak anymore and the desk have a new finish, but it’s all a case of same desks, different day.

If you’re worried about justifying the cost, read on

Here are three solid benefits to buying new versus reusing that you can use to make the business case

1 – Freshen up your brand: Use the opportunity to take a fresh look at your entire brand. New office, new furniture, new business! Change up the company culture by switching to a collaborative open-plan space.

Freshen up the logo and brand identity too and you have a whole new look and feel that you can present to new and existing clients.

2 – Project longevity: Nothing says you’re in it for the long-haul than an office move or refurbishment. See the expenditure on new furniture as an investment – make it part of your marketing budget.

Show your clients that you mean business, that you’re flush with growth and that you’ve never been more confident in your company’s future.

3 – Look after your staff: Show your staff they have a future too and show them that you care. Give them a fresh, modern office they can feel inspired by, with ergonomic furniture that looks after their health and wellbeing too.

Presence Office Desks

The Presence Office Desks range is competitively priced and looks stunning, with a range of contemporary wood finishes to choose from. Modern bench appeal shows you are forward-thinking, taking a leaf out of the creative industry’s book.

Complete with a 5-year guarantee, the Presence Office Desks will show you have a bright future ahead of you. With a package of delivery and installation as well as a suite of complimentary add-ons for storage, presenting this range when you make your business case should help seal the deal.

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