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creative office design

Could a more creative office design unleash your employees inspiration?

Your staff spend around a third of their lives at work, so it stands to reason that you should take care over what your office design says to them. Engaging, stimulating surroundings can help people work smarter, think better and produce more creative ideas than those shut in a little grey box all day.

This might sound perfectly reasonable to you, but despite this a whopping 87 per cent of employees are still not feeling engaged at work, according to a study by Gallup. All too many employers are still focussing too much attention on profit, and not enough on people. If you’ve realised that an engaged workforce is absolutely the key to success, you’re on the right track.

Say no to lethargic, uninspired, overworked and stressed staff, and work to inspire creativity and a deeper level of engagement with these top tips:

  • Make space for me-time: Work can become massively overwhelming for some people from time to time, so instead of facing that duvet day morning call, provide space at the office where they can get away from it all. The noise and hectic nature of open plan environments has been shown to increase cortisol levels and cause stress reactions in staff, so give up a room for a quiet, stress free place to think.
  • Allow social gatherings to take place in work time: Forget about the proverbial pint at the pub after work… after all, who can afford pub prices these days? Instead, set up a café or coffee bar, where people can interact in a more ad-hoc basis, because these moments are where the magic happens. More importantly, it means those who are not involved in the conversation are not disturbed.
  • Bring nature into the mix: Natural materials as well as potted plants are crucial to engendering a less stressful atmosphere. Wood desks, like our Percepta Office Desks, are ideal for a more natural impression, and lots of natural light will help employees to feel brighter, more refreshed and less lethargic. Pot plants provide oxygen to breathe, and help to remove harmful toxins from the office environment, so are well worth the inconvenience of looking after them.
  • Think more 21st century: The idea of sitting in a cubicle for 20 years, content with a regular wage and a good retirement package, is a rapidly disappearing concept. Today’s rising stars in their 20’s and 30’s are more likely to job-hop, searching for their perfect environment, so create an environment that’s more suited to them if you want to retain creative talent. Allow different ways of working, such as hot desking, home working, working in a variety of locations around the office, and invest in your technology, so they aren’t constrained by slow connections or older systems.

Even if your business is non-creative, don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need creative workers. Creativity is not all about being good at design or having wild ideas… sometimes you just need independent thinkers who are capable of solving their own problems and developing concepts into concrete plans. Design your office to encourage this side of your employee’s skill sets, and enjoy the benefits of a creatively inspired workforce.

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