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Frasers property head office

“It’s all about mental, as well as physical well being.” – Reini Otter, at Frasers Property Australia

Employers are putting more resources into staff health improvement. There has been a lot of publicity in recent months about healthier working environments – especially office environments. People tend to associate factory jobs or manual labour jobs with health and safety issues, but repetitive strain injuries and health problems associated with the correct setting up of work-stations is a serious issue too. This is where ergonomically designed office furniture. Like the range of Elite Linnea elevate bench office desks comes into play.

Fraser Property Australia promote staff health and wellness with their new HQ in Sydney

Getting the office environment design right was the subject of a recent article on the HC Online website. The article was in relation to Frasers Property Australia who has recently unveiled their new HQ in Sydney at Rhodes Corporate Park. The project comprised a $9.8, 3,700 square metre fit-out.

The new fit-out is part of a campaign to improve the health and wellness of their staff and to promote improved innovation and leadership. Mr Reini Otter, Fraser’s executive general manager, explained that the design indicates the company’s corporate ethic and its business culture, in addition to pointing the way to their future hopes.

In terms of staff wellness, Mr Otter described an inherent passive approach that will promote and encouragement staff movement within the new premises. Simple things like everyone using one entrance and exit door; a communal kitchen cafe area (before there were four separate areas) and providing staff with their own lockers instead of having to rely on storing things at their desks.

Encouraging engagement and knowledge sharing

The design of the new HQ in Sydney is all about promoting engagement between members of staff and sharing knowledge. The encouragement of staff movement facilitates the sharing of knowledge within teams and also fosters inter-team sharing.

The company ethic is to empower its staff and give them the autonomy they need in order to complete their work in the most effective way. They believe that when people are empowered in this way, that their attitudes respond positively and that it shows in the way that they tackle the tasks at hand.

Promoting physical health and well-being with Elite Linnea Elevate bench office desks

What Fraser has done encourages movement, giving staff a greater visibility among themselves and encouraging communication. This is a way of promoting mental health and well-being, in a similar way that purchasing ergonomically designed office furniture like Elite Linnea Elevate bench office desks, promotes physical health and well-being.

The range of Elite Linnea Elevate bench office desks are all manufactured with one principle in mind, and that is the ergonomics of the individual worker. Having said that, these desks are also designed to be configured seamlessly, enabling best use of the office space available.

The adjustable height feature of these desks allows the working surface to be individually adjusted for people of all shapes and sizes, including workers who are confined to wheelchairs. The adjustment is provided courtesy of a manual crank, in compliance with the DDA) Disability Discrimination Act).

When employers act to look after their employees’ health in both the mental and the physical planes, everyone’s a winner as it can foster better relations and improved productivity.

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