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A cluttered desk is no good for productivity!

Nothing can cause a decrease in productivity more than a cluttered desk. Chaos around you can make it difficult to work effectively. However, a clean desk can make you feel energised and motivated, enabling you to do your work more efficiently. In this post, we have some top tips on how to de-clutter your desk and keep it that way:

  1. Get rid of distractions – You may have purchased one of our gorgeous Pure office desks, but if you can’t even see it, it’s not an ideal situation. Now is the time to get rid of any excess personal items; take them back home, recycle what you can or simply throw them in the bin. Having things around you which aren’t really needed only serves as a further distraction, so keep your beloved trinkets to a minimum.
  2. Create a system – Organise your projects effectively by placing them in poly file folders, project jackets, or other types of document wallets to keep paperwork separate. Label your files and store them in a logical way so you can easily access all your information. Not having files and paperwork stacked up on your desk is a worthwhile goal, as it only limits the amount of space (mentally and physically) that you can enjoy at work.
  3. Put your computer on a stand – If you use a laptop computer, it’s a good idea to have it placed on a stand to keep the screen at eye level. Use a bluetooth keyboard to keep your hands in a good position too. If you use a desktop, make sure you have a monitor riser that sets the screen at an appropriate level. Not only will it keep your workspace ergonomic, it will keep it clean and tidy too.
  4. Opt for high quality furniture – Choosing a desk that fits your height and body shape well can ensure a much more comfortable seating position. Our Pure office desks have been designed to offer excellent ergonomics and a a generous amount of workspace. Desks with built in drawers are good for minimising your clutter, but you need to keep them organised too!
  5. Keep important things within reach – If you need something on a daily basis, there’s no shame in keeping it on your desk. Calculators, post-it notes and other daily essentials can be awarded a corner of your newly cleaned and organised office desk, but for everything else, give it a home.  
  6. Think of your desk as prime real estate – Make every single desktop item earn its place on your worktop. Don’t just dump things there because you’ve not had time to sort them. Look around your desk regularly in the future and ask yourself if everything you see really needs to be there.

If you follow the tips above you will begin to notice an immediate difference. Keeping your desk clean and decluttered can work wonders in terms of productivity levels, enabling you to achieve more on a daily basis. Say no to desktop clutter, and enjoy a more organised, productive space.

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