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Should you be standing up to work?

You’ve probably heard a lot recently about standing desks. So much so that you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s a fad. However, while a standing desk is no magical solution to the problems of a sedentary lifestyle, there are actually many benefits, backed up by scientific study.

While making a complete break from a sitting desk might not be possible for everyone, a compromise could be an electric sit-stand desk that allows you to do both.

Let’s take a look at some of the science-backed reasons why opting for standing desk could work for you.

7 scientific reasons why you could benefit from a standing desk

1 – Lower your blood sugar levels

Studies have shown that people who sit for longer periods of time have a reduced ability to regulate glucose. “Metabolic syndrome,” as it’s known, is a key factor in increasing chances of type 2 diabetes.

2 – Decrease risk of obesity

Linked to point 1, but with its own set of risks, is obesity. Many experts believe obesity is now at epidemic levels in the West and we know that chances of gaining excess weight is increased by low expenditure of calories. Standing instead of sitting burns more energy at a consistent, moderate level.

3 – Reduced risk of cancer

Both breast and colon cancer appear to be closely related to a lack of physical exercise. While experts are still working hard to find out exactly why sitting seems to increase the likelihood of cancer, correlation suggests that standing and walking more throughout the day can reduce the risk.

4 – Reduce chances of cardiovascular disease

Studies have revealed that those who sit more during the day are 34% more likely to have heart failure during their lives than those who are less sedentary at work.

5 – Less chance of back pain

In studies of people who experience long-term or chronic back pain, almost 32% of participants reported that their lower back pain reduced significantly after only a few weeks of using a standing desk.

6 – Improve your mood and energy

People who use standing desks at work have reported that they experience less fatigue, tiredness and stress than their seated colleagues. Sedentary lifestyles have been linked to increased chances of experiencing depressions and anxiety, so the opportunity to lift your mood during work should be welcomed.

7 – Boost productivity

Post-lunch, many of us feel the afternoon slump – literally. Our energy levels drop and we allow ourselves to soften at our desks, leaning forward. However, studies have shown that those who stand at their desk reported no drop in productivity, unlike those who sit.

Accolade Sit-Stand Desks

With all of these scientifically-proven benefits, it’s no wonder that many more workers are opting for standing desks. However, making the break entirely isn’t for everyone. That’s why our Accolade Sit-Stand Desks might be the perfect answer.

Electrically-powered, the Accolade Sit-Stand Desks move easily from one position to another, allowing you to keep your body moving. They come with free installation and a 5-year manufacturers guarantee, as well as a range of modern colours.

Make your work life more active and check out the full range, or talk to our sales team for advice.

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