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What do you really need on your desk?

What do you really need on your desk?

Your desk, that hallowed altar to productivity, command centre where you spend a third of your life, an oasis of calm in otherwise rough seas. Of course, not all of us have such a sacred relationship with our desks.

In fact, many of us are surrounded by piles of files, stacks of spreadsheets needlessly printed out, long-forgotten Post-It notes and a whole raft of other things. If this sounds familiar and you’re thinking of having that overdue spring clean, take heed!

Here are the six things you absolutely must not dispense with in your goal to achieving workplace minimalism.

The five things you absolutely must have on your desk

1 – Your to-do list: Whether you use one of the many fantastic to-do apps available on your phone or computer or you prefer to stick to a lined notepad with a date at the top, the trusty to-do list is a must-have item on your desk.

Using a to-do is the key to managing work-life order, encouraging focus, clarity and diminishing stress.

2 – A water bottle – Chances are, you don’t drink nearly enough water in a day. If you’re prone to tension headaches, feeling groggy after lunch or losing concentration in the PM, the answer is probably simple – drink more water!

The most common figure is two litres. That might seem a lot, but keep a good-quality 500ml bottle at your desk and fill it up four times a day and you’re sorted.

3 – Headphones – Sometimes the buzz of a busy office is just what you need to motivate you. Sometimes, though, the only way to concentrate is to shut it out for a while.

Stick your headphones in, keep the volume at a nice balance with the background noise around you and play a motivating podcast or some inspiring or relaxing music and you’ll get through that pile of work in no time!

4 – Phone charger – Without this, you’re doomed! Well, maybe not. However, when you rely on your phone’s many apps for keeping you up to date with appointments, reminders and messages, if it runs out of juice you’re going to feel the pangs.

Keep a spare charger in the office at all times and you’ll never go without.

5 – Your favourite mug – Okay, okay, we talked about hydration, but the two most popular beverages in the workplace are still tea and coffee. Both can give you a much-needed boost when you’re flagging and can be comforting too.

Keep your favourite mug in the office so that you enjoy the experience even more. And of course, so that everyone knows that it’s not to be touched!

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