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Are you handy with a screwdriver, or is it better to let someone else do the work?

When you’re buying office cupboards, one of the first decisions you’re going to need to make is whether to buy flat packed products or those that are already built for you. Both have their merits, so it’s important that you weigh up the pros and cons of each to find a solution that works for you.

Do you have the time and skills to undertake assembly?

Office cupboards which arrive flat packed will require assembly on site. This often involves the use of basic tools, such as a screwdriver and hammer. Most modern flat pack kits are relatively straightforward to deal with, using understandable instructions and pre-drilled holes to put your item together. However, you’ll have to consider who will be doing the assembly, and whether their time is best spent elsewhere.

Furniture which is delivered assembled does not require any customer input and can be used right away. Some delivery companies will deposit the item right into your office, sometimes for a small extra charge, but do check this out as some will only bring it to the door. In this case, it can be tricky to get a ready assembled office cupboard upstairs or round corners to get it into position.

What is your budget for office cupboards?

If you’re working on a shoe string, flat packed furniture is probably going to work out better for you. In general, flat packed options are cheaper to purchase in the first place, and are certainly cheaper to deliver as they can be handled by a regular courier rather than a moving firm.

Furniture which is delivered assembled is, on average, 40 per cent more expensive than a flat packed alternative. However, it is often better quality too, so if you’re looking for a great piece of furniture which will stand the test of time, it can be worth splashing out a bit more cash to get a ready assembled model.

Are you in a hurry?

If you are kitting out a new office and want to start work in a day or two, flat packed furniture can often be delivered faster than pre-assembled models. This is because it takes up little space in a warehouse and therefore multiple units can be stored by the supplier. These can often be express delivered to you as soon as you place the order via regular courier. However, do bear in mind that occasionally parts can be missing from the kit, meaning you’ll have to wait for the supplier to send a new one out.

Pre-assembled furniture comes with the benefit of being ready to use straight away. You’ll need to check the supplier’s stock levels if you’re in a hurry though, as many pre-built office cupboards will have a lead time of three to five working days. They’ll also require a more specialist courier, which is sometimes not so easy to arrange at short notice.

Where does it need to go?

If you’re blessed with an office with wide doors, lifts and easily accessible rooms, you have the option of choosing whatever furniture you prefer. However, if you, like many other businesses, have to manage with staircases, narrow doorways and tight turns into rooms, pre-built office furniture may not be the best solution for you.

Flat packed furniture is easy to get into your office as it’s all in a two-dimensional form when it arrives. If you are ordering pre-built, it’s a good idea to take lots of measurements of doorways, turns and corridors so you are not disappointed when your cupboard arrives.

Is there a happy medium?

Here at Equip4Work, we supply a number of both flat packed and delivered assembled office cupboards, all at affordable prices and with swift delivery. However, for a truly happy medium, we offer professional assembly and installation of some of our flat packed office cupboards, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of pre-assembled furniture, while still enjoying the convenience of a flat packed choice. Talk to our expert sales team to find out more about professional assembly of any of our furniture.

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