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What should you be thinking about before buying new lockers?

Sports lockers such as key or coin lockers are an essential piece of kit for any leisure facility. If you’re looking to upgrade your sports lockers in your gym, leisure centre or other fitness suite, here’s what you need to think about before making your purchase.


Lockers come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to ask yourself what you think your customers will need to store. If it’s just their keys and wallet, then small coin lockers should be adequate. However, if they may have bags, sports kit or specialist equipment to put inside, you’ll need to purchase something which can easily accommodate all their belongings.


Lockers are made from durable steel, but the design can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another. Some sports lockers would benefit from having perforated doors, for example, as this would stop dampness building up inside by allowing a free flow of air. You can often select from a variety of door colours too, to bring your lockers into the overall design of your changing rooms.

Locking mechanism

Consider what your customers would find most convenient in terms of locking the door. Would they prefer to bring a padlock of their own, or to get a key from reception? If you’re looking at key operation, coin lockers are the best choice as they will encourage the user to return the key to the locker before leaving the premises. To make a little extra cash, you could consider coin retain lockers, but do consider the convenience of your customers when making this decision.


Lots of our sports lockers come with either ActiveCoat or Biocote, which are both high performance anti-bacterial coatings. These are ideal for sports lockers as it can stop the spread of dangerous bacteria in high traffic areas such as your changing rooms. Both these coatings prevent the spread of MRSA, e. coli and other harmful bugs and germs.


Are people likely to come to your leisure facility straight from work? If so, they will almost certainly appreciate having hooks and / or hanging rails inside the lockers to accommodate their workwear without creasing it. Hat shelves can be useful for keeping shoes or bags away from clothing, but some of these features require a little more space in terms of depth.

For all athletic lockers including coin lockers, take a look at our range on Equip4Work. If you’d like additional advice about which type of locker will best suit your business, call our experts today and we’ll be happy to help.

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