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Is keeping your doors locked enough to keep your business safe?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes should pay close attention to security. Whether you operate a whole building or just a single room, protecting your assets is crucial. From computers to legal documents, things of value need to be adequately protected to prevent your business becoming vulnerable. Here are some top tips for business security for you to consider:

  • Have an alarm system which is monitored

A working alarm system is a key deterrent in the fight against crime. The prospect of setting off a loud alarm can often be enough in itself to deter would be criminals from breaking and entering but having a monitored alarm system steps this up a notch. When the alarm is triggered, you can programme your system to notify police, keyholders and a call centre so that a response is triggered immediately, making them preferable to simple noise makers for security.

  • Use good lighting

In the UK, 60 per cent of burglaries occur during the dark hours, a factor that can be compensated for by using effective security lighting. Motion activated lights outside the premises can make burglars feel too conspicuous, preventing a break in before it happens. Simple infra-red systems are highly affordable and a great investment for your business.

  • Lock valuables away

High value items should be kept under lock and key. While you might consider placing cash in a safe, what about laptops, mobile phones and even sensitive documents? You might not have room in your safe for everything, in which case premium quality lockers can provide a great solution for secure overnight storage.

  • Use British Standard locks

Locking your building is a no brainer, but unless your locks conform to BS 3621, you might as well not bother. Locks which meet this British Standard are rigorously tested to ensure they provide adequate security, and you may well find it’s a requirement of your insurance policy to fit these to your external doors and windows.

  • Think about cyber security too

Digital theft is an increasing problem with businesses of all sizes. From fraudulently obtaining cash from your bank to stealing valuable data about your products or customers, a lack of security in digital terms can have far reaching and devastating consequences. Invest in encryption, in secure routers and back up systems, and consult the opinions of a professional to ensure proper security protocols are in place.

Here at Equip4Work, we supply a range of premium quality lockers which can help protect your valuables during the day and overnight too. Our expert team can advise on the best type of locker, lock and installation to ensure maximum protection, so why not get in touch today and let us help you out?


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