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ZenBox aluminium lockers

Which lockers are right for you?

Buying or replacing lockers for your business can be an expensive project. As always, measuring up quality against price has to come into it, but buying the cheapest could be a false economy. Cheap products often mean replacement is required sooner, or that they are just not up to the task at hand, and it’s your job to find a balance in what you’re going to buy.

Knowing what you’re looking for before you start out can be extremely helpful. There’s a huge range of lockers of all shapes and sizes out there, so narrowing down the features and specifications you’re looking for can make your purchase much easier to find. Here’s what to think about before you order your new lockers:

  • What’s your budget?

As we said before, going for the cheapest product available is not always the best strategy, but of course budget does come into it. By deciding on a budget before you start, you’ll be able to ensure you’re looking at the right end of the market for your needs.

  • What space do you have available?

Knowing where your lockers are going to be sited can have a huge impact on the type you choose. If you need to store them outdoors, you’ll need waterproof lockers to keep things safe. If they’re inside, do you have the full height of the room, or do you need half height lockers? Remember, to be fully secure, your lockers will need to attach to a solid wall or floor, so make sure you have this available in the area you plan to site them.

  • What do you need to store?

If you’re installing lockers for a leisure centre or gym, you’ll probably need enough height for a tennis racquet, making three or four-door lockers an ideal size. However, if your locker is for work uniforms, a one door locker may be called for so that employees have full hanging height for their clothing.

  • What locking function would suit your needs?

You can choose from all sorts of different locking functions, from simple padlocks to NFC locks or reprogrammable combination locks. Think about whether the users will have a permanent key of their own, or if you want them only to be used for short periods with keys returned after use. Do you want to make a little money from your lockers with coin retain, or simply ensure keys are brought back with coin return?

  • How important is the appearance of the lockers?

If your lockers are in a high traffic area, or if they are to be used by paying customers, you will probably want to match the colours and style with the design of the rest of the building. Our ZenBox aluminium lockers offer a choice of 7 door colours, making it easy to match your lockers to the décor of your premises.

Thinking about these questions will help you narrow down your options so that you can make a great choice. We think our ZenBox aluminium lockers are a great place to start your search, as they have so many options available they are sure to meet your needs. As well as the generous choice of colours, you can pick from a number of different lock types, including hasp and staple, waterproof cam and a coin return locking system. They are suitable for use in wet or humid areas too, so a great choice for changing rooms and staff break rooms.

For more information on ZenBox aluminium lockers, or on any of our products, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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