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Are you using your lockers the right way?

Having lockers at work is a great way to keep the most important things to you, and your staff, safe and secure. However, when you don’t ensure they are managed well, lockers could become something of a liability. From high tech, high security lockers to basic, economy lockers, if you want them to protect your belongings well, you need to use them properly.

Here are three of the most common mistakes that could mean your secure storage is actually not secure at all.

1.      Not securing your keys

There’s absolutely no point in securing your belongings in a locker, be it high security or one of our economy lockers, if you’re going to leave your keys lying around. So many companies leave keys hanging on a peg board, often conveniently labelled up with the locker numbers they correlate to. By all means have a labelled key storage facility but make it a lockable one with restricted access to the key for it.

For personal lockers, if you don’t want to place your keys in some sort of communal storage area, the safest thing to do is to keep all the copies of the keys with you. You could add them to your keyring to take home with you each night or keep them in a locked drawer at work.

2.      Failing to fix the lockers adequately

Even if you’ve secured your keys and made it impossible for thieves to gain entry easily, a really resilient thief may well just steal the whole locker. They can then take it away and work on the locks at their leisure, much to your dismay.

Lockers should be properly secured in place, so they can’t be easily removed from the building. Most economy lockers come with bolt down fixings, to adhere them to the floor, or wall brackets to fix them to the building fabric. Make sure you are bolting into a firm surface and following all the instructions correctly to avoid this happening to you.

3.      Hiding lockers away

Lockers make it easy to create a less cluttered work area, which is a good thing, but hiding them away somewhere secluded can actually do more harm than good. As much as it will free up space in the main area, it could mean a thief has plenty of time to pick the locks or otherwise gain entry without anyone noticing.

Rather than storing lockers away under the stairs or in a rarely used corridor, place them somewhere that has a regular through traffic of people. Staff rooms are great for this, or an entrance corridor which is used frequently. You should also try and cover the area with CCTV to further deter any tampering.

For a great range of economy lockers, check out our products on Equip4Work. We only supply high security, tried and tested lockers to our customers, and are on hand with advice if you’re not sure what type of system is best for you. Have a chat to our friendly team and see if you can take steps to make your workplace more secure.

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