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personal effect lockers

Could something as simple as personal effect lockers make all the difference?

It’s all too easy to think that most employees are simply in it for the money, but in reality, they get a lot more out of their job than that. The majority of workers value appreciation, recognition and encouragement just as much as they value payday. It may well be the salary that attracts them to the position, but it will be the way they are valued and respected that keeps them there.

It’s easy to say ‘thanks’ or ‘great job’ to an employee, but there are many other ways you can show them just how much you appreciate their contribution, many of which will mean more to them than a simple pat on the back. Here are some ideas to help you make your employees feel more valued at work:

  • Involve them in decisions

While you might have the final say on any decisions being made, ultimately these decisions are going to affect everyone, so why not get everyone on board with the decision-making process. Showing your employees that you trust their opinion and expertise is far more valuable than verbal praise.

  • Spring unexpected treats on them

Had a particularly good quarter? Why not reinvest some of that money into a staff treat to demonstrate your appreciation. This could be a meal out, a team building day or a surprise half day, whatever works for your business.

  • Give specific praise

Rather than the somewhat generic ‘good job’ or ‘well done’, try to offer specific praise, identifying areas of their work or behaviour which you were particularly impressed with. Highlighting their efforts in particular areas will encourage them to continue developing their skills.

  • Recognise their need for a work-life balance

Offering things like flexible working, working from home or time off in lieu can help those with commitments outside the workplace to be more comfortable in their roles. Recognising that sometimes parents need time off to look after sick children, those with hobbies may have competitions to go to or those with aging parents might need to leave at a drop of a hat and putting provisions in place to allow this to happen will make everyone less stressed in general.

  • Give them a way to protect their precious belongings

Having a place to store valuables will help your employees to see you care about their needs. Plenty of people like to bring an MP3 player, smartphone or tablet to work, and although they don’t need it during the day, may not feel comfortable just leaving it on their desk. Personal effect lockers are inexpensive to buy but will be worth their weight in gold to employees looking for secure storage.

  • Encourage feedback

One of the best ways to help your employees to feel valued is by allowing them to feed back to you on things that could be done better. Making it anonymous can help people really open up, whether its about management, work processes or simply the lack of biscuits in the canteen. Be sure to listen to their opinions and take action where you can to show that their feedback is valued.

Having staff who feel valued at work will make for a more productive, more enthusiastic team. For help finding personal effect lockers or any other office furniture, talk to Equip4Work and we’ll be happy to help.

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