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Let’s look at the pros and cons of lockers in schools

Items such as our Stronghold lockers are endlessly popular with educational establishments such as schools and colleges, thanks to their bold, bright colours and heavy duty strength and security. However, some schools have chosen not to provide lockers for pupils, as they believe they are not a good idea. We’ve taken a look at some of the pros and cons of installing lockers in schools to help you decide if they are right for your establishment.

The pros of lockers in schools

We’ve heard back from purchasers of our Stronghold lockers and other models for schools, demonstrating lots of positive effects from investing in lockers for schools. These include:

  • Better back health: Children and teens are still growing and developing, and any damage done to their backs at this stage in their lives can go on to become chronic complaints later on. Providing a locker helps to reduce the need to carry around heavy bags, saving their backs from strain and undue stress.
  • More organised, more of the time: Forgotten PE kits and textbooks can be a thing of the past, because now they have somewhere to store it, there’s no excuse for not having it with them.
  • Take responsibility: By having access to a locker, children can take more responsibility for their belongings from day to day. It also gives them more freedom to participate in extra curricular activities such as music or sports, as they can leave their equipment safely in a locker until it’s time for their club.
  • Increased security: As much as we try to discourage children from bringing expensive items to school, many still arrive with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and other high value items. Having a safe, secure place to store them for the school day will not only help to prevent loss or theft but will also discourage them from playing with their gadgets in class.

The downsides of lockers in schools

It’s clear to see there are some strong positive reasons to invest in lockers for schools, but there are always two sides to every story. Some of the drawbacks of lockers in schools include:

  • Purchase cost: Lockers are not a cheap investment, so somewhere along the line the school is going to have to find a chunk of budget if they wish to acquire lockers. This can be tough, as many schools are on very tight budgets already and may well have allocated facilities investments for several years in advance.
  • Maintenance requirements: Most lockers only require minimal maintenance, but even so it needs to be accounted for by the school. What will happen if a lock becomes broken or a key lost? Who is responsible and how will it be paid for?
  • Potential for concealing banned items: With a ‘secret’ place to store their belongings, there is a chance that pupils could bring into school items which are against regulations and conceal them in their locker.

If, after thinking about some of these issues, you think lockers would be a good idea for your school, we encourage you to take a look at our Stronghold lockers as a great solution. Available in seven different door colours, these are super heavy-duty lockers, well up to the stresses of school environments. They come with Biocote, an anti-bacterial coating which prevents the spread of germs and bacteria and are delivered assembled, so you don’t have to worry about putting them together.

For more information on Stronghold lockers or any other lockers for schools, talk to our expert team today.

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