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Imperial lockers

How will you boost your employee performance? Perhaps with lockers?

There seem to be all sorts of studies around right now about how to improve your employee performance. From adding green plants to the office through to giving away gym memberships, it seems all employers are on the efficiency train to try and get more from their staff.

On this note, we’ve got a rather ‘out there’ one for you today… did you know that installing lockers can actually improve the performance of your employees? It’s true! Here’s how:

Increased feeling of value

As with any investment in your business which directly benefits staff, by installing lockers you can help them feel more highly valued and worth more to the company. It’s like you’re saying, ‘I recognise you need this, and am willing to invest our money to make you happy’. People who feel more valued tend to work harder, so if lockers have come up at staff meetings as being useful, you would do well to put your money where your mouth is by installing Imperial lockers.

Less clutter

When a desk is covered in bits and pieces, finding what you need can be a time-consuming business. Similarly, if drawers are crammed full of lunches, phone chargers and raincoats, there’s not a lot of room left to keep those things you really need for work. By giving workers somewhere to store their personal effects, you’re ensuring that all they have at their desk is what they need to do their job. And it will make your office look tidier too.

Less distractions

Many workplaces are installing Imperial lockers so that staff have no need to keep their phones on their desks. Unless your workers actually use their phones for work, there really is no need to have them present during the working day. They can store their phones in their lockers, checking them only at breaks and lunchtime, ensuring less distractions by pinging notifications from Facebook.

No worries about security

In larger offices where you have a higher staff turnover, or perhaps have temporary workers in from time to time, security can be a real concern for staff. Knowing that their valuables are safely locked away can free up their mind to concentrate on work, rather than thinking about whether someone has taken their iPod from their coat pocket in the staff room.

For you, as an employer, providing staff lockers can make your office a better place to be. If you’re sick of the sight of cycle helmets dumped around the room, or of hearing the dinging and pinging of smartphones all day, investing in lockers could really make a difference.

Our Imperial lockers are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, to coordinate with your décor and improve the look of your office. All are treated with ActiveCoat, an antimicrobial technology which reduces the spread of infection at work. Talk to us about the lockers you need today, and we’ll help you find the ideal product.

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