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How will you make your break room something really special?

Often the most overlooked room in any business is the humble staff room. But this small room can be an incredibly important place for your company, not just as a place to eat lunch or store coats, but also as the place where relationships are made, ideas exchanged, and teams built for the benefit of the business.

When designing a break room, it’s important to think about the needs of your workers, so take the time to consult with them about what’s important to them. To give you some ideas to get started, here are some top design tips from the experts.

  • Include refreshments: Break rooms are for breaks, so demonstrate your commitment to your staff by investing in a good quality coffee machine, and perhaps some healthy snacks too.
  • Think relaxation: Your staff need time to relax and unwind, so do your research into colours that will create a relaxing atmosphere. Comfortable seating can help too, as can small ‘quiet spaces’ for people who really don’t want to be disturbed for a while.
  • Make it completely separate from the office: Physically separate your staff room from the rest of the office as best you can. Workers on break won’t appreciate hearing the chatter of the office floor while they’re taking lunch any more than people still working will appreciate the smell of Jane’s egg sandwiches drifting through the office.
  • It’s not all about work: If you’re serious about letting people relax, include some relaxing activities for them to enjoy. Board games, a gaming console, magazines and puzzle books all give people a chance to really take their mind off work for a while.
  • Make it big enough for a party: If you have the space, make your staff room big enough for a party, if the need should arise. Being able to host a leaving do, birthday or other event for the whole team in house is a big benefit, so think about this when furnishing and laying out your space.
  • Offer secure personal storage: Staff love having somewhere secure to store their personal belongings, so consider including some lockers as part of your design. Our BuzzBox lockers are not only highly secure, they are also available in lots of fun colours, to help you create a cutting edge, fun staff room.
  • Make room for small meetings: Not all meetings need to be in a meeting room, in fact some of the best ideas come out of information discussions. Create places in your staff room where people can get together over a coffee to brainstorm issues or ideas, and you never know what might come out of it.
  • Make it personal: When you’re choosing decorations for your staff room, think about fun ways to personalise the space. Consider wall art, funky seating, colourful rugs and other fun features to make it unique. Corporate branding is OK, to some extent, but try to keep it more about relaxation and rest than business.

We’re here to help you create the perfect break space for your workers. Our extensive range of furniture, coffee tables and, of course, our funky BuzzBox lockers are all here on our website. Feel free to browse or ask our team for advice on any of our items.

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