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What do you think its really important to your staff in a great break room?

Despite 90 per cent of employers claiming to encourage regular breaks, less than a quarter of workers take any sort of break apart from lunch. Regular breaks have been proven to improve focus, concentration and productivity, and having a welcoming break room for your staff is the first step towards encouraging more effective breaks.

We’ve helped thousands of companies to furnish their staff break rooms and have learned a lot along the way. Here are our top design tips for a welcoming, effective staff area for you to keep in mind if you’re renovating yours:

Invest in calming, comfortable furniture

While eye popping primary colour combos might look fresh and funky, are they really projecting the calm, relaxing image you need in your staff break room? Stick to watery blues and greys to create a more relaxing atmosphere, to lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate.

Pay attention to the materials you’re bringing in as well. Bistro furniture or coffee shop style seating can look great, but will it really help your workers to relax? Comfy sofas, padded chairs and beanbags are a more appropriate use of space as they encourage workers to really take time out and recharge for their coming shift.

Provide personal storage

Being able to put bike helmets, overcoats and personal valuables away for the day will not only help keep your office clutter free, it will also ensure your workers can relax knowing their items are secure. Avoid rows of boring, grey lockers, reminiscent of high school, and instead opt for something more in keeping with your general colour scheme or corporate branding.

Our Colour Max premium lockers are a top choice for staff rooms, as they are available in a huge range of layouts, colours and sizes. Both carcass and door colours can be tailored to your needs, and they also come with ActiveCoat antibacterial coating to prevent the spread of germs.

Have plenty of good coffee

Coffee at work is a must. Research has shown that coffee can decrease fatigue, boost concentration, improve mental performance and can even make us more supportive of others. People who work for you shouldn’t feel they have to pay for their coffee, so aim to provide it for free. Research has shown that 61 per cent of staff feel more cared for by employers when coffee is free, and a third would rather have free hot beverages every day than an annual Christmas party.

Discuss coffee brands and types with your team so that they can have a delicious favourite on hand in your staff area, and ensure you offer teas and decaf options for those who prefer them. Individual pods served with a machine can give staff more choices.

Invest in healthy snacks for a boost in productivity

Having healthy snacks on hand in your break room may be a small investment for your business but could result in big benefits. Productivity boosting foods can include:

  • Berries
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Yoghurt
  • Green tea
  • Dark chocolate

Of course, to make this work you’ll need to have a strong office culture of sharing, so that people don’t get greedy with your offerings. But in the right type of company, these simple benefits can make a huge difference to how your workers feel.

For more information on our Colour Max Premium Lockers or any other furniture for your staff room, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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