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Businesses large and small are always trying to increase efficiencies. From offices to schools, hotels to pubs, efficiency means one thing to a busy business, and that’s more profit. For construction firms, boosting efficiency is crucial as companies are forced to work on ever diminishing margins and with increased competition for every job.

If you’re on a mission to do more for less, here are our top tips for increasing the efficiency of your construction business.

  • Have an awesome website: A great website will be the shop window for your business which is open 24/7. With decent design and some high-end copywriting, you’ll be able to showcase your expertise to each and every person looking for your type of company. No more expensive TV or radio ads, no more cold calling, just professional representation that anyone can find.
  • Become better communicators: Effective communication between all layers of the business is crucial if you want to be operationally efficient when on site. Everyone needs to be clear on what their role is, where they fit into the team and where to go for help.
  • Make use of technology: Just as you wouldn’t use a manual screwdriver to do the job if you had an electric one in your pocket, so you shouldn’t restrict yourself to manually filling in time sheets, planning jobs and keeping control of costs. This is the 21st century after all, and there are oodles of great construction management software products out there which can cut management time in half.
  • Don’t be afraid to subcontract: Many construction firms are shy of subcontracting as they feel it makes them look less competent. Far from it my friend, because having the ability to call on specialist skills or extra pairs of hands as and when you need them is actually highly advantageous, both to you and to your client. In the modern marketplace, they fully expect you to work nicely with others, and will appreciate your initiative and ability to stick to schedule.
  • Think outside the box: Sometimes new things come along, and you’d be silly not to welcome them. Using modular building, one company has erected a 57-storey tower in 19 days in China; could you do that? Rather than just storing tools, have them charging ready for use in our In Charge Lockers instead. Wouldn’t that speed things up? Investigating what’s available and making the most of new things can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Right now, more than 90 per cent of the world construction projects are either late or over budget, and here in the UK, 60 per cent of small projects were delivered outside of the scheduled deadline. By bucking this trend, you could build a more robust, resilient and profitable construction business that is streets ahead of the competition. Talk to our experts for advice on In Charge Lockers, PPE equipment and much more.

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