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Could you do more on data safety for your business?

Data safety is a big deal right now. With the recently adopted GDPR working harder than ever to ensure data protection, companies are being forced to rethink their data security policies. Rising numbers of hacks on large companies is enough to many anyone nervous, so doing more to ensure better security in your business makes absolute sense. Here are some ideas:

  • Restrict access: Not everyone needs to access every file on your servers, so review who actually needs access to sensitive documents and ensure only those people can reach them. Storing data in the cloud also helps to manage security, as you’ll be able to password protect whole areas of the files and will also be able to see who has most recently accessed each document.
  • Know what your most important data is: If you had a security breach right now, could you rapidly identify what your most important and valuable data is? Almost all companies have a small proportion of data, usually around five to ten per cent, which, if it were to become damaged or lost, would cripple the company. Find out what yours is, and you can prioritise protection of this in the event of a breach.
  • Implement stronger passwords organisation wide: How many of your team use ‘password’ as their password? Or maybe their pets name, or child’s name and data of birth? While combinations of letters and numbers are harder for hackers to crack, using dictionary words is a big no-no. Good passwords should be nonsense strings of letters, numbers and symbols, around 12 characters long, and with a mix of upper and lower case.
  • Keep your hardware safe: Company laptops and smartphones can contain all manner of sensitive information and are much more likely to fall into the wrong hands due to their mobile nature. Instead of leaving these devices in a drawer or on a desk, why not ask workers to lock them away in compartment lockers, which can also charge the device so its ready for its next use.
  • Back up your data: It’s a complete no brainer, but so many companies are still failing to do it. Backing up data regularly will ensure you no longer fall on your knees if you do lose some important information. Backup should take place either automatically or manually at least once a week, and should be stored in compartment lockers, safes or other secure storage once the backup has been made.

Cybercrime is on the rise, and data breaches can be devastating for any business, whether large or small. Invest now in the right IT equipment, specialist support and compartment lockers so that you’re not the next big story on the news.

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Last Modified / Updated on: June 27, 2018 at 6:19 pm