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ultrabox plastic lockers

Are Ultrabox plastic lockers the most versatile locker there is?

If you’ve never used plastic lockers before, you might be dubious about their functionality. Are they really as waterproof as the manufacturers claim, and can they be as secure as a traditional metal locker? Let’s find out.

Can you use UltraBox plastic lockers outside?

You certainly can! UltraBox plastic lockers are completely waterproof, so thy can be used inside, outside or wherever you like. The manufacturers have designed in water tightness, so you can be sure your items will stay protected no matter what challenges arise. Some of the features that help to do this include:

  • Waterproof door seal: To prevent water ingress
  • Waterproof drain hole: To let water out while cleaning but not in if it’s raining
  • Waterproof lock and gasket: Specially designed to prevent water getting in through the lock

With these features, the UltraBox plastic locker is suitable for even the most challenging environments and is guaranteed to keep your belongings safe and dry, no matter what.

What about in a hygienic area?

UltraBox plastic lockers are made from plastic. This means they will never rust, making them highly desirable for hygienic areas. Not only that, but all these lockers come with ActiveCoat anti-bacterial coating, proven to kill 99 per cent of the bugs responsible for sickness, including MRSA and e coli.

In terms of keeping them clean, UltraBox plastic lockers are designed to be easy to deal with. The interior floor slopes neatly downwards towards the built-in drain hole, so whether you want to simply wipe them out or attack them with a pressure washer, you’ll end up with a lovely dry interior every time.

Are they really that secure?

You might think that plastic lockers are not as secure as metal ones, but UltraBox plastic lockers offer just the same protection for your belongings as any other locker on the market. The doors and body are built from super strong polyethylene, with hidden hinges for extra security. The lock works on the actual frame of the locker, making them virtually unbreakable.

You can take your pick from locking mechanisms with these lockers, including:

  • Cam lock: A micro sprung 10-disc lock with 3,000 combinations
  • Hasp and staple: A clean design for an attractive look, these allow for padlock locking
  • Programmable combination lock: Uses a 4-digit code for 10,000 possible combinations
  • RFID keyless lock: Uses RFID and NFC to allow access
  • Coin return or retain: Ideal for sports facilities

Available in a wide range of colours, UltraBox plastic lockers are ideal for use in areas where you never know what’s going to happen next. There’s no assembly required, they’re built to last and come with a manufacturer guarantee of 10 years. There really is no job too tough for UltraBox plastic lockers; get in touch with Equip4Work for more details on these amazing products.

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