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primary lockers for school sports

Getting kids up and moving can be harder than it looks!

With a quarter of our primary aged children now either overweight or obese, the question of how to get this generation more active is on the lips of every teacher and classroom assistant across the UK. The government recommends an hour a day of fairly intense exercise but trying to fit this into a school day can be hard.

As much as parents need to do their bit too, we in education should take the lead on promoting sports in school. Whether you’re coping with reluctant children or just need some new ideas, take a look at our seven ways to improve sports in your school.

  1. Invest in better equipment

Kids aren’t going to be inspired by flat footballs and broken tennis rackets, so grab some shiny new equipment to get them motivated. If you don’t have the budget, get some fundraising done, perhaps with a sporting event like a sponsored walk?

  1. Get students involved

Set up a ‘sports committee’ or similar and get class representatives to canvas opinions on the sports they’d like to see more of in school. Run a competition for a healthy living poster and encourage students to set personal goals to improve their fitness.

  1. Celebrate with sport

Physical activity shouldn’t be limited to the annual sports day. Use sport to fundraise for trips and equipment, and get families involved with sponsorship or even joining in on a family bike ride event.

  1. Offer primary lockers

Being able to store sports clothing and shoes on the premises will help reduce the number of children who forget their PE kit. This reduces the chance of people being routinely left out of opportunities for physical activity, and with primary lockers they can take more responsibility for their own belongings too.

  1. Try new things

Not every child will be thrilled with the prospect of football or tennis, so investigate what other sports you can offer to inspire every child. Golf, rowing, dancing, fencing, martial arts, Zumba… there’s so much to the world of sport, so show it to the children in all its glory.

  1. Bring physical activity into the classroom

Sitting for long periods can not only be dull, it can be detrimental to health too. In work, employers often encourage employees to get up at least once an hour to stretch, move and exercise, so why not in school? Introduce dancing, acting and stretching into your lessons to offer more opportunities for activity.

  1. Let exercise become a reward

Not so long ago, misbehaviour would result in a barked order of ‘drop and give me ten’ or ‘two laps of the field’. This negative association with exercise is highly detrimental for developing minds, so it’s important to build a positive association as young as possible. Instead of punishing with exercise, reward. Good behaviour gets two minutes extra break time, or the opportunity to run down to reception with the register.

Getting our children exercising more isn’t just good for them, it’s good for all of us. Continuing on the pathway we are with an overstretched NHS and rapidly expanding population (not to mention waistlines) promises nothing good for the future, so the time to make a positive change is now. For more information on primary lockers, classroom furniture, sports trolleys and more, get in touch with our team today.

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