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The security of your business is undoubtedly something you take very seriously. After all, that’s your livelihood right there. However, despite many businesses taking huge leaps forward in security improvements, there are still hundreds of crimes against businesses every day here in the UK. The type of crime you are most at risk of will depend greatly on the type of business you are in, for example:

  • Wholesale and retail suffer extensively from shoplifting, with almost 9,000 incidents per 1,000 premises in 2015
  • Construction sites are often victims of crime, such as theft of tools or materials, with one in five sites reporting at least one crime in 2015
  • In the agricultural sector, burglary and vandalism are the most common types of crime

Of course, not all crimes happen externally either. In office buildings, crimes are more likely to be committed by staff members than by strangers, so it’s important to be vigilant in every direction. Here are some tips to help you improve the security of your company, no matter what sector you work in.

  1. Put on person in charge: You should choose one long standing, trustworthy employee to oversee site security. This person will be privy to passwords, door lock codes and keys, and will be the main point of contact for security information.
  2. Review the technology you use: How long is it since your burglar alarm was installed? Do you have it maintained? Could you use something better?
  3. Actually check your CCTV footage: Having CCTV in place is no good if it misses a crime when it happens. Regularly check what the CCTV is capturing in case a camera gets knocked out of place or is set too high or low to record an intruder.
  4. Check over your site from time to time: Things change, and that can present new risks to your premises. The construction of a new building next door, people starting to park by the fence making it easier for someone to climb over… all these sorts of things should be identified and mitigated to maintain your security.
  5. Don’t over share: Not everyone needs the code to the back door, or a key for the building. Keep security details and equipment close to your chest and share only with these who really need it.
  6. Have the right keyholders in place: If there is a security breach, you’re going to need a keyholder to respond quickly to the alert. Your alarm monitoring company should be able to contact them rapidly, so make sure they have the correct phone numbers for them too.
  7. Keep sensitive or valuable items under lock and key: Using safes, lockers or locking filing cabinets is a no brainer. Stolen IT equipment can be replaced, but a breach of data security could take years to recover from. Our express lockers, safes and filing cabinets are available on next day delivery, so there really is no excuse for leaving valuable items lying around.
  8. Work with the professionals: Don’t rely on your administrator or operations manager to be able to source security systems for your business. By all means have them coordinate and manage the project, but work with the professionals to ensure you get the right solution.
  9. Consider data security: Sensitive data needs to be carefully managed to ensure you don’t breach the GDPR. Make sure you understand the requirements of this legislation and take appropriate measures to ensure data safety.
  10. Think about security outside of work too: If you have travelling salespeople, or members of staff who visit other sites, go to conferences or otherwise spend time away from the office, ensuring their security is all part of the deal too. From making sure they know how to handle themselves safely to ensuring security of their laptop and mobile phone, it’s your responsibility to keep your people safe wherever they are.

We have many solutions available to help you improve your business security. Talk to our team about express lockers, safes and more for advice on what will benefit you most.

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