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Solar Office Desks

Make sure you’re getting the office design you really want…

You’ve found space in your budget for a total office redesign and you have the professionals lined up to do the job. The Solar Office Desks are on order and the chairs and storage units are due to follow soon. Before you rush headlong into your refurb project you need to pause and ask some key questions about the planned work. This will ensure that you get the best out of your redesign and get best value for your budget.

Key questions to ask about your Solar Office Desks and your redesign

  • How many employees can fit in the office? Obviously it is not safe to have employees falling over each other and this would break health and safety regulations. On the other hand, you do not want to pay for more space than you actually need. The way in which we work is changing rapidly. With the introduction of laptops and smart phones we can work on the go, from home, or wherever we find ourselves. Employees will not need to be in the office every day. This cuts down on the amount of space that is needed. Solar Office Desks could be shared be several employees over the course of a working week.
  • Can there be flexibility in the design? The office lay out that suits your purposes now may not do so in 12 months’ time. What about three years’ time? You hope that your business will have expanded and evolved in that time. If you build movable screens and buy in office furniture on castors you can have a mini-redesign every 6 months, or even more frequently if required. You can continue to make the most of the space that you have but avoid further financial outlay.
  • How can the design reduce our carbon footprint? There are so many ways in which your office design can reduce your impact on the environment. The heating and lighting design can reduce the need for fossil fuels and you can insist on recycled content and wood obtained from sustainable forests. This should be important to all businesses these days and should be a key element of the design. Also ask about how your old furniture will be disposed of, or preferably, recycled or donated to a good cause.
  • How can the redesign make a statement about your brand? If the redesign is part of a much wider rebranding exercise you will want the décor to reflect that. Your new design needs to say something about your new direction and your new culture. It will need to fit into the theme that you are using in your stationary, social media branding and marketing campaigns.

If you want to have some ideas up your sleeve when you discuss your new look with your office designer, browse the huge range of products at Office Furniture Online. There are ranges that will fit into any redesign concept and compliment your brand.

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