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Minimalism and flexibility of space are hot design trends right now

Office designs trends don’t work quite the same way as general fashion trends. While fashion comes and goes with seasons, office interior trends are longer-lasting and often emerge from detailed study of office environments, new developments in materials and different workplace focus.

Whereas fashion is solely about style, office design often puts ergonomics and productivity at the forefront, as employers seek to find new ways of making their business more collaborative and to help with employee engagement.

Here we look at some of the latest office design trends that can help you to take your office, and your workforce, into the future.

Office design trends to look out for

Employee wellness

The current buzz-phrase in HR circles is “employee engagement.” HR is moving away from “managing” workers to engaging with them, involving staff more in decision-making and putting the employee first.

This manifest in office design as a focus on “wellness,” or health and wellbeing. Better conditioned air, improved lighting, more natural light where possible and improved focus on ergonomics are all helping to shape the office space of the future.

Focusing on these aspects shows a willingness to put the employee first.


Technology improves rapidly and while it can be expensive for companies to keep up, some technology trends actually help to improve productivity and boost the bottom line, so are seen as a wise investment.

Smart lighting systems that adapt to the time of day can help reduce employee fatigue, while cloud-based document management means more offices than ever are going completely “paper-free,” reducing the need for large storage systems and reclaiming some of the office environment.

Technological trends that are going to affect the office space of the future will be voice control, augmented and virtual reality and smart systems that monitor productivity and adapt the environment to suit the worker.


Improved technology and less storage means that the hot trend right now is for the minimalist office. Offices that have more space and better lighting tend to encourage staff to be more creative, more collaborative and feel less “hemmed-in.”

The minimal space allows for a much calmer, less “busy” feeling in the office environment.

Variety and re-configuration

Gone are the days when the office was re-fitted or reconfigured once a decade.

New styles of furniture and storage are allowing workspaces that are flexible and easy-to-change, meaning they can be adapted to suit an endless variety of uses. Hybrid environments find the perfect balance between private offices and open-plan spaces, offering the best of both.

Collaborative, open-plan areas side-by-side with private, bookable rooms and relaxed breakout spaces encourages employees to be flexible and adaptable and to enjoy using the workspace more.

Flexibility and individuality

Side by side with adaptability, the latest trend if for employee-level flexibility. Recognising that everyone works differently, the modern office and employer allows for greater degrees of individuality.

No longer are employees bound by the constraints of their furniture – modern materials and style mean two people doing the same job may have entirely different workstations. One might be seated, for example, while the other uses a standing desk.

Force Office Desks are bang on-trend

If you’ve been inspired to upgrade the office in line with new trends, you’ll want to take a look at our Force Office Desks. Available in a range of modern, stylish wood finishes and a variety of styles, this range is adaptable to suit the needs of the modern work environment.

A full range of storage add-ons and colour accents mean increased flexibility and with a massive 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, makes for a perfect investment in your business. See the full range here and talk to our sales team for advice on the perfect configuration.

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