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What does your reception say about you?

It’s true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why having an amazing reception area for your business is crucial for all sorts of reasons. From impressing new clients to making your employees feel good, investing in a well-designed reception space can have far reaching benefits for your company and brand.

When you’re revamping your reception area, you’ll need to think carefully about the layout, the contents and the impression it gives people as they step through the door. Here are some strategic design hacks to create the wow factor without breaking the bank:

  • Focus on your brand: Everything in your reception should be aligned with your brand. From the colour of the furniture to art on the walls, your guests should be immersed in your brand and what it represents from the moment they walk in. Brainstorm some words that you think your brand represents (e.g. friendly, modern, traditional, serious) and purchase items for your reception that fit with those words.
  • Light the way: Good lighting in the reception area can create an atmosphere that accurately reflects your brand. If you’re modern and funky, use coloured lighting and LED downlights to create an atmospheric, contemporary feel. Environmentally friendliness can be demonstrated with sun pipes or other natural light, and more traditional businesses can go for subtle lighting in warm yellows for a cosy, comfortable look.
  • Decide on a dramatic desk: The desk is often the focal point of any reception space, which means it needs to be a great one. Contemporary businesses such as digital marketers may want to experiment with metal, glass and funky designs, whereas more traditional companies like law firms may prefer antique replica furniture to portray the serious nature of their business.
  • Go green for glory: Big, bold plants are a great way to add a natural touch to your reception area, and will help people feel more relaxed and positive about your business. Real plants are the ideal choice, as having a big healthy plant in reception shows you are competent in taking care of things. However, if you’re not all that green thumbed and don’t think you can cope, there are some amazing artificial plants around that are hard to tell apart from the real thing.
  • Choose hard wearing furniture: Whether you’re going for antique replica furniture or something more modern, look for pieces that are going to stand the test of time. Furnishings which are hard to clean or will scuff easily should have no place in your reception room, as they’ll look tired and miserable all too soon.
  • Refresh your guests: Investing in a tea and coffee machine, or at least a water dispenser, will give your guests the opportunity to refresh themselves while they wait for their appointment. Make this a self-service arrangement, because your receptionist definitely won’t think you if they are given this additional task for every visitor that comes in.

Designing a great reception space doesn’t have to cost the earth; with a little care and consideration, you can create an impressive reception with the full on ‘wow’ factor for no more than your standard furnishings would have cost. Check out our range of antique replica furniture for gorgeous pieces that will really add a luxurious touch to any reception.

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