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If you’re working at home, try to use proper home office furniture, not just the sofa!

Working from home is increasingly popular in the UK, with the number of people soaring to over 1.5 million  in the last year. For employers, there are plenty of reasons to encourage working from home, from saving on overheads to staff satisfaction and retention.

For the worker, working from home can be an appealing prospect too. From working in your PJ’s to setting your own hours, the freedom allowed by this working style can be highly attractive. However, it comes with some challenges too, not least the problem of staying focussed and productive when you’ve got all the distractions of home life around you.

Here are some top tips to help you remain focussed if you’re starting out working from home.

1.      Create a real workspace

You may not be lucky enough to have a spare room to use as a study, but even if you’re limited to a corner of some other room, setting up a proper workspace is crucial. A simple desk and chair may be all you need, so think about where you’re going to get set up and do it right. Don’t forget to allow space for paperwork and other business materials so you can keep your space clean and organised at all times.

2.      Invest in comfortable home office furniture

Managing on a dining room chair at a table which is not really the right height for work is fine for an hour or two, but if you’re going to be working for extended periods, you need the proper kit. Look for ergonomic home office furniture that will protect your back, as it will also reduce fatigue and keep you sharper for longer.

3.      Create a schedule that works for you

If part of the reason to work at home is about making family life a bit easier, make sure you are able to set a schedule that works for you. If you want your day to finish at 3pm to be with your children, you’re going to need to make up those hours elsewhere. Maybe you’re the sort of person who is naturally more productive in the morning, or maybe you can’t do anything useful until after midday. Whatever suits you is fine, but be sure your hours really work well for you.

4.      Allow yourself breaks

Apparently the most productive and successful people take a 17-minute break every 52 minutes, that’s according to a recent experiment. However, what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you, so listen to your mind and body, and take breaks when you need it. It’s far better to work intensively for 30 minutes and then go off for a cup of tea than it is to sit for hours on end staring blankly at your screen.

5.      Reward yourself

Working from home is hard, so don’t forget to build in incentives to keep yourself on track. Promise yourself you’ll take half an hour to watch your favourite programme, or to go and make a coffee; whatever it is that keeps you motivated. The anticipatioin of your reward can keep you focussed for longer, helping you work faster and more efficiently in the process.

Working from home could be the best decision you’ve made yet. Take the time to invest in good quality home office furniture and to really plan out how things are going to work, and you’re sure to make it a great success!

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