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computer deskYou spend around a third of your life in the office and most of that time is spent sitting at your desk. Choosing the right computer desk could make the difference between comfortable, efficient working and back pain, disorganisation and poor productivity.

With so many styles to choose from, though, how do you decide on the right computer desk? We take a look at some of the key considerations to make when finding the perfect computer desk for you.

How to find the perfect computer desk

Firstly, you should work out what you’ll be using your desk for. If you’re going to be solely carrying out computer work, you can opt for a desk that’s space-saving and compact.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to standard computer desks. Some are plain, sleek designs that you can sit your monitor on, with space for the CPU and perhaps a pull-out tray for your keyboard and mouse.

Others have integrated storage as well. This includes shelves and drawers, allowing you to store computer equipment and peripherals, as well as stationery.

If space is really at a premium, you could opt for a corner desk. You’ll lose a little useable space right at the corner, but the compact nature of these desks makes them ideal for home office working.

What if you’re doing more than just computer work?

If you’ll also be writing or carrying out paperwork tasks, you’ll need more desktop space. In that case, you can choose from a number of different styles.

A variation on the corner desk is the ‘L’ shape, which effectively gives you two desks; one against the wall for your computer, and another depending from the wall where you can work on paperwork tasks.

The ‘U’ shape desk is perfect is you’ll be carrying out a large number of varied tasks, although these are bulky by nature with a large footprint, so you’ll need plenty of space for this one.

Consider ergonomics

You should also factor in ergonomics which is literally the study of how we interact with our environment but, in more common usage, related to how safe and comfortable our furniture is. For ergonomic working, your desk should provide plenty of clearance for your legs.

It should be the right height too; you should be able to sit at the desk with your legs bent at 90 degrees at the knees. Partly this will depend on having a customisable chair, but if your desk is too high or too low, no amount of adjustment to the chair will overcome the height difference.

Make sure that whatever type of desk you buy, there’s plenty of desktop real estate to not only work at, but also to store any equipment or stationery that you need to hand. These should be comfortably within reach, without you have to overstretch to obtain them.

There should be enough space for these to sit without the desk becoming overcrowded too.

We have incredible computer desks to suit everyone

Here at Equip4Work, we carry a fantastic range of computer desks in all styles and materials. There’s something for everyone, from standard wood veneer desks to sleek glass models, and with a great deal of choice when it comes to storage solutions.

Our full range is available to view here, with full specifications and photos for each model. Talk to our Sales Advice Team if you need more information or if you’d like some help with choosing the perfect computer desks to suit your requirements.

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