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what to look for in computer desks

Standing, sitting, wooden, glass, contemporary, traditional… what do you want in your computer desk?

If you’re replacing your desk, either at home or at work, you’ll probably already be feeling overwhelmed by choice. Standing desks, glass desks, wooden desks, adjustable desks… with so much to choose from, how can you decide which computer desk is right for you?

Let’s break things down and take a look at what is truly important when you’re shopping for computer desks, which will hopefully help you to whittle down your options.


The number one thing on our list of must-haves for computer desks is outstanding ergonomics. Chances are you’re going to be spending a fair bit of time at your desk, so being able to sit comfortably, safely and with care for your spine is crucial. Think about your personal height; if you’re very tall or short, you may need a height adjustable desk to accommodate yourself comfortably. Watch out for computer desks with trays or drawers underneath, as these can sometimes prevent you from pulling your chair in properly, causing you to over-reach for your keyboard and other equipment.


Are all desks rectangular? Of course not, and your computer desk doesn’t have to be either. Consider the space you have for your desk, and what you’ll need to do with it, to help you decide which shape is best. You’ll be able to choose from:

  • Rectangular desks: The most common type of desk, but with lots of variations, these tend to fit well in busy offices or rooms where you have a long wall to place it against. Check the dimensions front to back, as well as side to side, to ensure you’ll have room for all your tech and peripherals on the surface.
  • L-shaped: These style desks are great for people who need writing space as well as computer space. They can also be used to accommodate two people, which can be great in small or home offices if you’re limited on floor space.
  • U-shaped: Typically used as receptionist desks, these can also be good if you have a lot of equipment that you need constant access to. For instance, if you need to have a printer on one side of you, a PC on the other, and space to write or draw, a U-shaped desk can give you all the surface are you need in one place.

There are other types of computer desks available to choose from too, so it’s important that you survey the market thoroughly and choose something that fits well with both the space available and the tasks you plan to undertake.


Traditionally desks were always made from wood, but the contemporary marketplace offers a much greater range of options. As well as solid wood and laminate, you could opt for a super-modern glass desk, a hammered metal desk or even a plastic high gloss unit. Much of this choice is down to personal preference, but do consider how well your desk will stand up to wear and tear. A solid wood desk, for instance, looks beautiful, but can become scratched and dented if not cared for properly. A glass desk will be more resistant to scratches, but could be cracked or shattered if something was to fall on it.


Finally, look at the features your potential computer desk has, and see if its suitable for your needs. Compact desks will sometimes have shelves below for printers or PC towers, which can limit the available floor space for a footrest, if you use one. Modern desks can be very minimal, which looks great but isn’t highly practical if you have a lot of paperwork to store. Think about which side you want your drawers on, if you want any at all, and whether a built-in hutch is a benefit or a drawback for you personally.

We have a great range of computer desks here on our website, and are always happy to offer advice on your purchase decision. If you’re not sure what you need, or can’t find the perfect product on our website, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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