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How can you make your office less noisy?

Open plan offices have become the norm for many businesses today. From the boring cubicles of the 80s, today we are treated to a full view of the entire office. And all the noise that goes with it.

As much as it’s lovely to work in an open, modern office, with plenty of light and people to make our day go well, it’s also frustrating if we are constantly being disturbed by others chattering and going about their business. Not only that, but being unable to hold a private conversation with a client on the phone is pretty bad for business.

If your open plan office is not working for everyone, here are some ideas to help reduce the noise to a more acceptable level.

Create quiet areas

Set aside a little office space which is for quiet work only. Set up a hot desk there, so that anyone with a big project to finish off or even just in need of some thinking space can pop in and work for an hour or two.

Create a noisy space too

One way to take the noise out of the office is to give it somewhere to go. Set aside a room (with soundproofing) which is for meetings, ideas sessions and e1ven for people to talk loudly on their phones.

Introduce soft furnishings

Many offices lack the curtains and carpets of our homes, which is why the sound seems to echo around so readily. Bring in fabric touches, maybe as artsy wall hangings or ceiling covers, or you could go all out and invest in acoustic panels to cut down the reverberation of noise.

Change the floor covering

Wooden floors look great, but sound awful when someone clip clops along them in stilettos. Vinyl flooring reduces noise, or you can install rubber underneath the wooden floor to absorb some of the sound. Failing that, a rug runner in high traffic areas could be a great investment.

Invest in office partition screens

Well-designed partition screens don’t need to stop the office being open plan. Many are less than head height, giving good sound insulation while also allowing the user to see over the top. Check out our range of office partition screens to find a solution for your office.

Bring in the plants

Plants not only make the place look nicer, they also do an amazing job of absorbing some of the sound. Potted plants can make an effective screen between workers, while still allowing visual contact between people and maintaining the open plan effect.

Change the layout

People who spend a lot of their day talking on the phone shouldn’t be facing out towards the other workers, as this will cause their voice to carry across the room. Others who mainly work on quiet, intensive projects will appreciate being kept away from those who need to talk a lot.

Lowering the volume in your office can help increases productivity and improve employee satisfaction, so don’t overlook this issue if you think your business could benefit. If you’ve already solved this problem, how did you do it? Let us know what worked for you, and what you wish you’d done differently.

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